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2019 Power Tour 2019 Power Tour

Signed up last night to take the Mini on the Power Tour. Anyone else planning on attending? June 9-14. The planned route is below.

1981 STS-1 Post Flight Presentation 1981 STS-1 Post Flight Presentation

Launch was 4/12/81. Young and Crippen walk us through the flight. 

The Long Way Home The Long Way Home

Here is the Flight Aware data for our ride home yesterday/today. 16+ hrs. A bit knackered, but it was worth it. The entire trip went off amazingly well. Everyone had a good time, no major travel issues, good weather and no illnesses. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Cape Town Cape Town

Cape Town is pretty. The views from Table Mountian are amazing. 

The End of the Safari and on to Cape Town The End of the Safari and on to Cape Town

The Safari portion of our trip is over and we are now headed to Cape Town for a few days. If you have ever wanted to visit South Africa and meet the people and see the animals you need to do it. Had an out standing time. We stayed at a place called Zulu Nyala. If you have kids in school, stays at their reserve…

Keep Horny - The Rhinos That Is Keep Horny - The Rhinos That Is

ant argue with that.

African Auto Furniture African Auto Furniture

Spotted at our reserve here in South Africa. Cool bench and chair made from used auto parts.

Greetings from South Africa - First Safaris Greetings from South Africa - First Safaris

We’ve spent the last two days at our lodge and taking safaris. We’ve seen cheetah, elephant, hippo,rhino, wildebeest, Cape Buffalo, vervent monkey, Impala, Nyala, and more birds than I can name. We saw a baby rhino as well! Just a month old. We just got done hand feeding elephants. We had impala and local beer for…

15.5 Hours Later 15.5 Hours Later

Made it to Johanesburg. Family did pretty well on the flight considering that we flew 1/3 of the way around the planet. My wife and I got seats up front. Minions were a couple of rows behind. Enjoyed the steak and watched Bohemian Rhapsody, Bumblebee and part of Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Tomorrow we fly Mango to…

15.5 HRS 15.5 HRS

Tomorrow my family and I will be spending 15.5 hours on a 777-200LR. ATL-JNB. It’s our longest run at something over 8000 miles. Fingers crossed for an upgrade, but failing that we have a full assortment of entertainment options, snacks and sleep aids. After a night in JNB we fly up to Durban on one of these.

Worry or Not? Worry or Not?

Edit - I fired up the car to wash it and the tire pressure warning immediately came on. It’s toast and will be changed, likely along with the rim...My wife curbed the Mini yesterday. Took a gouge out of the tire. It is on that lip just outside the radius of where the rim picks up the tire. No belt is showing and it is…

Atlanta Science Festival Expo Today Atlanta Science Festival Expo Today

ATL Opponauts, today is the Atlanta Science Festival Expo at Piedmont Park. We will be there with a huge tent and a CF34 engine. Not a demo engine either. The real deal. I will be somewhere in the tent from 12-2 if you want to say hi. It’s a great event if you have kiddos or if you just want to get outside and get…

Duke Boys Duke Boys

So, this was a thing.  They aren’t bad either!

Whoa - Bill and Ted 3! Whoa - Bill and Ted 3!

It looks like it is happening!

The FAA, MAX and How Things Get Approved  The FAA, MAX and How Things Get Approved 

Many of you have read about the situation around the Boeing 737 MAX. Our own ttyymmnn put together a good primer on the subject. You may have also have read some opinion pieces saying how the FAA is too cozy with the airlines and OEMs and that is how we ended up here. I’m not going to comment on any of that. I am…

Layover AMA Layover AMA

Flying from Sacramento to Atlanta via Seattle. Part and parcel of using my airline superpowers is that sometime we have odd routings. Here is the view from the Sky Club. I have time. You have questions? Planes, careers, Evos, classic Minis or random crap?

Old Video Games Old Video Games

We are redoing our computer room and I came across these and a number of other games. What do you do with old PC games? Toss them? Save them? Make them into art?

Airplane Snuggles Airplane Snuggles

The hangar is full today. The big one is our newest A350. There is a 757-300 tucked under its wing and that tail you can see way in the background is a brand new A220.

Apollo 11 IMAX  Apollo 11 IMAX 

Go see the Apollo 11 IMAX film if you can this week. It’s well done. I enjoyed the way they pieced it together.

Steel Garages Steel Garages

Anyone have a steel garage put in? Thoughts? We have an acre, it’s hilly, but I think I could level a bit in the back and put a four car plus work area building back there. Wife is good with the idea. I’d want one tall enough for a lift so I can multiply the space And get under cars.  I want to put the Mini, Evo, and…

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