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Since I Was In the Neighborhood Since I Was In the Neighborhood

The only (used) Exiga GT for sale on the island was a u-turn away from me as I was driving home from a meeting. So of course I made a u-turn.

Blade Master

Behold, the Blade Master G:

Kinja Help, Please Kinja Help, Please

NSX for your time.

Happy New Year!

A new year has me thinking about what car I should consider if my family grows by one. Sure I could consider a Freed, Voxy, MPV or something similar, but if I have to have an extra row for the kids carpool shouldn’t I think more exciting than bland...

I Seent Some Things Today I Seent Some Things Today

Here’s a few slightly different things that can currently be found in Okinawa:

Who Wants Candy Who Wants Candy

I had to make a trip to the airport and found this:

Hivemind Question Regarding Subaru Legacy Parts Hivemind Question Regarding Subaru Legacy Parts

So my wife drove the car without me today (sort of a big deal as she just managed to transfer her driving license to a Japanese one, and she hasn’t really driven much since she acquired her license more than a decade ago), and she managed to drive a fair distance with the emergency brake on. After about 10 minutes she…

Windshield Wiper Woes Windshield Wiper Woes

So living in Okinawa I had the pleasure of experiencing two typhoons last week. The most enjoyable part of the experience is the insanely long lines for the automatic car washes after a typhoon.(Personally, I have zero desire to sit in a line of cars blocking a busy street for 20- 30 minutes, but it seems like most…

I Guess It's Better Than Nothing I Guess It's Better Than Nothing

Public Service announcement:

Grey VW Grey VW

Sorry, there is only the one photo at the stoplight. For some reason this guy stopped at replacing the rear bumper:

Question for the LALD among us Question for the LALD among us

So my son turned 3 today, and Grandpa&Grandma gave him a box of cars they picked up at an auction. Should I be posting better pictures and trying to figure out if anything needs saved? or just assume there’s nothing since there are no boxes? (I think they said they bought something like 150 in the box.

My Only (Known) Celebrity Sighting My Only (Known) Celebrity Sighting

So as far as I know I’ve only seen one celebrity (not the crappy car), and it was 7 years ago according to facebook:

2for1 Canuck Bait 2for1 Canuck Bait

Found these at the mall. I’m wondering if they are rentals.

The Tarp Is Back The Tarp Is Back

So my neighbor’s little classic Honda disappeared about a year ago, and was replaced with a large scooter, and one of the kei car “Spacia” clones. Now the tarps are back in time for summer? rainy season? typhoon season?

Nismo Juke Found In Park Nismo Juke Found In Park

Love ‘em or hate ‘em:

Found in Park Found in Park

So we took our son to the nearby Sports Center/Park, and found a small car show/ cruise-in. The proud daddy moment is that my 2 year old who was about to fall asleep completely woke up to have a quick run through of the cars. My apologies on the photos, carrying a toddler, and using an iPhone when they’ve parked the…

Well That's a Weird Idea Mazda, Wait... Well That's a Weird Idea Mazda, Wait...

Then my confused brain took a closer look and realized it wasn’t an actual normal vehicle but a parade car for a sports team.

Monster S660 Spotted. Monster S660 Spotted.

Look at that bad boy in all it’s white plate glory with go fast bits by Mugen!

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