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Pour one out (warning: dead animal pic inside) Pour one out (warning: dead animal pic inside)

RIP my friend’s Fusion. Sometime after parking it for the night on Tuesday a rat climbed in and chewed through a critical part of the hybrid system. Blew the rat’s head clean off and fried the electrics. Insurance is totalling the car as it’s a $5,000 fix.

Got an ugly sweater party to go to? Got an ugly sweater party to go to?

I just found a website with car sweaters. They’ve got everything from an Aston Vantage to a Chevy Lumina to a Unimog. I’m on page 21 of their catalog and I’m not even past the “J”’s yet

Avert your eyes Avert your eyes

Graphic Paris riots imagery inbound.

I has a sad :( I has a sad :(

Just discovered Teaberry gum has been discontinued. Used to down this stuff by the case when I was a kid.

Breaking news! Breaking news!

The first promo image of Men In Black International has been released... and look what the new hotness is!


Stay away from people who Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word They Type Even In Normal Everyday Writing. They’re all psychopaths.

There. I fixed it. There. I fixed it.

Took me all of 5 goddamn minutes. Chevy, ARE YOU LISTENING?

This: This:

Looks like this:

Cooking with EssExTee: Rat-Patootie Cooking with EssExTee: Rat-Patootie

So it seems I tickled some of y’all the wrong way with my (perfectly. reasonable.) opinion post earlier. To make up for it I’mma share with you my favorite recipe, with pics that might melt your modem so view at your own risk.

Oppo confession Oppo confession

I’m a big proponent of enjoying cars as they were built. I feel like if you have to modify a car in some drastic way in order to enjoy it, the car’s simply not a good match for you and you should try something else.

A Switch port of Spintires? A Switch port of Spintires?

Set in America? With actual licensed Ford/Chevy trucks? When the hell did this happen??? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

Lol Lol

This car was built a year before the Deepwater Horizon incident. Bet Ford was regretting this sponsorship deal pretty hard. This raises an interesting question: would you buy an “ad supported” car with stuff like this plastered on various parts if it meant the car could be $1-2k cheaper?

This is good advertising. This is good advertising.

All advertising should be done by Mr. Regular from now on.

Oppo confession Oppo confession

I have a habit of tucking removed parts into the engine bay if I don’t just throw them on the ground. Since everything is black plastic, it’s easy to miss something when cleaning up. I’ve been driving around all day with the old aux water pump in there. This is not the first time I’ve done something like this.

Premium for $2.25/gal Premium for $2.25/gal

This is why I always plan it so my tank is empty whenever I go to visit my Dad.

Guess the car. Guess the car.

No cheating, you cheaty cheaters.


Brother toner cartridges look like valve covers

This comic is a perennial favorite of mine. This comic is a perennial favorite of mine.

Just remember, everybody has a calling in life and nobody is useless. Except Steve. Fuck that guy.

Much boozing will happen tonight Much boozing will happen tonight

Which one should I start with?

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