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Winter Cleaning Winter Cleaning

Washed and sealed my car recently. Was in desperate need of some clay bar action. Finally got to admire it in the sun today while parked to a coworkers slightly modified Forester XT.

C7 ZR1 Day C7 ZR1 Day

Snagged this from Reddit. Three variants of the new ZR1: high wing, low wing, and convertible (for psychopaths).

Moments in F1 Moments in F1

This well captured moment may prove to be a deciding factor for this year’s championship.

Where did you buy your helmet?

I know some of you Oppolites do autocross/ road rallies/ track days and the lot so where did you get your helmets? Are they motorcycle helmets? Approved for all uses? And, if daring enough, what did you pay?

Heard some of you like V8 rumbles... Heard some of you like V8 rumbles...

Jake and his frosty run motivated me to stick the GoPro on my bumper and see what happens. Here’s a quick 1-2-3 for my fellow Oppos.

Carfax/Autocheck Request

Can someone do a VIN check for me please? Thanks in advance!

Martini Massa Edition

Check out the altered Williams livery for Massa’s last Brazilian Grand Prix!

Jos the Boss strikes again!


Shipping Car Part Internationally

Opponauts, do you have any suggestions for shipping quotes, shipping info, etc for shipping a car part from NJ to Austria? I’m going to wander over to USPS and see what they can give me but thought I’d ask the resident experts first.

A Moment of Silence A Moment of Silence

For my driver side rear rotor. Pad was faulty, went metal to metal, and took the rotor with it.

Random 2CV appears Random 2CV appears

Saw this guy in an article on Pinkbike (mountain bike site)

Another Karting Vid Another Karting Vid

Went out to Speed Raceway for MLK day and threw the GoPro on some different helmets this time. Traction was near non-existent.

Officially mine. Officially mine.

Paid my Subaru off this weekend; a four year loan in half the time. The front bumper and hood were just recently replaced and the whole front end repainted so she’s looking pretty good as she approaches 100k on the clock. Still have another 6 months on the warranty and then I might do some tasteful mods. Haven’t been…

How do you car search? How do you car search?

I’m sure this has been covered multiple times but tell me... what sites do you use to car search? Maybe you don’t use the interwebs and strictly go to seedy car lots in your town.

Something funny happening on Eurosport.co.uk

I usually visit the site to get up to date on the F1 world but today they seem to be having some technical difficulties.. Earlier this morning there were no articles... now all of their stories are from the 2004 season...Throwback Thursday?

Practicing night shots Practicing night shots

Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m using a GoPro4 until I can save up for a real camera.

Karting from Labor Day Karting from Labor Day

Did my best Fernando Alonso impressions on Labor Day when I stuck my GoPro to a helmet. Fast laps around this track are in the 17s and I ran a 16.5xx.

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