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Ball joint problems  Ball joint problems 

Trying to replace ball joints on my Legacy GT. Getting the old one out was hard enough but now the new ball joint won’t seat all the way inside the knuckle. Tried putting the jack underneath the ball joint and jacking it up into the knuckle but no luck, it was raising the car off the stands. Any suggestions, Oppo?

Weekend Car Shopping

Mostly German offerings with a modified Challenger thrown in. I really shouldn’t be car shopping.  

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Don’t think I’ve seen this color before. Pretty.

Friday night lights Friday night lights

Another night drag racing cars that are faster than my beater C5Z. Since NJ had terrible weather all summer, the turnout was pretty big. S8s and RS3s, newer AMGs, BMWs, rat rods, drag bikes... a cornucopia of quick machines.

Happy Friday Oppo Happy Friday Oppo

Have a rad mtb vid. Raw sound, incredible drone shots, one of the fastest enduro riders and even a 911 thrown in for good measure.

Philly Dots Philly Dots

Went to the Cake concert. It was awesome. 

Euro Trip DOTS Finale Euro Trip DOTS Finale

Auto and Moto potato pics. Some surprising finds and even one with huge historical implications. No, not the Trabant.

Ultimate Driving Machine  Ultimate Driving Machine 

I have found it.

Made it to Vienna Made it to Vienna

And not only did I see this,

Drunk in Budapest Drunk in Budapest

Here’s some more cars I seent!

Made it to Budapest  Made it to Budapest 

Visiting Hungary for the Grand Prix and thought Oppo might appreciate some of these spots from the first day in Budapest. It’s a blast seeing cars you never knew existed and most of them having the right number of pedals. Also love seeing Mercedes as yellow taxis.

Craigslist Gem

Gotta see it to believe it!

Parking Garage Sights Parking Garage Sights

Went to Philly for a concert the other night and spotted these two beauties.

Fun night at the strip  Fun night at the strip 

But also a difficult one.

Let's take this moment...

and appreciate how clean this Jeep Commanche is. 

FantHaastic Result 

The little F1 team from the USA pulled it out today when others (literally) fell apart. Romain finally got his first points of the season and they should be strong in Silverstone too. 

Hour Rule  Hour Rule 

Just watched F1 qualifying, refreshing to see the drivers struggling to put clean flyers in.

Bike Ride Pics Bike Ride Pics

Decided to take a bike ride since it was nice and hot out. It’s amazing what cars you can see within 5 minutes of your house (in NJ).

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