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F1 Roundup Bahrain GP (spoilers) F1 Roundup Bahrain GP (spoilers)

Kimi being Kimi with his race engineer.

Made it Official Made it Official

Paid off my C5 Z06 today. Took less than two years thanks to laughably-low interest rates. Now it is officially mine and not Penfed’s!

Golf R Driving Vid Golf R Driving Vid

Disclaimer: I’m not Matt Farah, this is not a One Take, and it may even bore you. But it’s only three minutes and the Golf R rumble sounds decent, especially on the downshifts.

Turo Entrepreneur Turo Entrepreneur

Seems as if the guy I got the Golf R from runs a full fledged Turo business. There must have been at least six other cars on the property when I dropped the VW off. Did not expect to see this available for rental though. 

It's true, Oppo.  It's true, Oppo. 

A rental car is the fastest car.

Philadelphia Auto Show Philadelphia Auto Show

Overall, a pretty good show. Much easier to get around than the NYIAS. Was messing around with the Pixel 3 camera since it’s near impossible to get good pictures.

Turo Options Turo Options

Oppo, I could use your input on these fine German vehicles. Got a trip to Phoenix coming up and want to allocate a day for some driving. Have no prior experience with any of these, so what would you pick for a day out and about?

C7 Final Edition, Europe Only C7 Final Edition, Europe Only

Competition seats are standard! Pretty much a full track package for a GS/Z06 with some ‘Final Edition’ graphics. The C7 swan song... I’ll take mine as a GS in Sebring Orange Tintcoat.

When in doubt...

Throttle out. What a save from Ogier this past weekend in Monte Carlo. 

Need a commuter car? 

Check out this hypermiler Civic build. It’ll pay for itself in no time!

10 Year Challenge 10 Year Challenge

Starts with the first of the BeaterZs, this Bright Red 1994 Z28 hardtop. Scraped together enough money while attending community college to buy it. Although it makes me nostalgic, the car was not a good buy at the ripe age of 19 due to the condition. But it was fun and had a 6 speed and that is what mattered most at…

Snow day Snow day

Got hit with the fluffy stuff so no Sunday drive today. Video games it is then. 

Hour rule  Hour rule 

Trying out night sight on the Potato 3. Car looks cleaner than it is so that's nice. 

Grocery getter Grocery getter

Pretty easy task when you’re a single dude. Dreary day in NJ, but 50 degrees + no rain = Z06.

Random, but appreciated Random, but appreciated

While running some errands today and picking up some pho to warm the soul, a gentleman came up to me and started asking me about the Legacy GT. Wanted to know what year it was, if it was manual, how it was running, etc.

So that's why all the GM plants are closing...

Gotta pay that Alonso contract. Car to be run by Wayne Taylor Racing! Jordan Taylor and Alonso in same team?! One can hope.

Never again Never again

Finally replaced the control arms on the Legacy GT. This ball joint did not want to leave its home in the steering knuckle. Ended up taking the knuckle off the car and putting a new wheel bearing on because, you know, while you got it apart...

Last drives of the year Last drives of the year

So I took my car to the trailhead this past weekend. Fit right in.

Beater Update  Beater Update 

Hit a minor milestone tonight. 

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