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Bike Ride Pics Bike Ride Pics

Decided to take a bike ride since it was nice and hot out. It’s amazing what cars you can see within 5 minutes of your house (in NJ).

Good news!  Good news! 

I fixed my Legacy GT! It was throwing a P0303 code aka cylinder 3 misfire.

Beater Z Progress Beater Z Progress

Half of the time I spend working on this car is getting it up in the air positioned right.

Can't stop laughing 

Warning, loud!

Dots Dots

Seen at Wawa. Love the color and the duck tail.

Got my rental!  Got my rental! 

Down in Asheville/Brevard area of NC until next week. Needed a bike hauler and this is what Alamo gave me!

Worth it for the sound alone Worth it for the sound alone

Not Doug, the ZR1. More features than I expected out of a track monster. I dig the simple things like the screen being able to go down. Looks like Doug was afraid to get on it, understandably so.

Unicorn Spotted

The right options (manual, turbo) with low miles (40k).

Camera phone Photos  Camera phone Photos 

Was able to boot up some of my old camera phones that I found at my mom’s house. I will occasionally post up these terrible-quality pictures circa 2007-2012 for all to enjoy.

Weekend Roundup Weekend Roundup

Friend stopped by in their beautiful, low mileage (~30k) 1968 Chrysler Newport. Makes for a wonderful cruiser, but I wouldn’t want to park it.

Westfalia Westfalia

Caught this clean example at sunset.

Sunday Cruise Sunday Cruise

Was a decent day for cruising in the Pine Barrens. It may have been cold and windy but the roads were long and winding; a pleasant respite from stop-go traffic and PA drivers.

Commuter M3 Commuter M3

Note the extra shaggy seat cover.

It's the little things. It's the little things.

Like not catching your shirt or jacket on a deteriorating vinyl armrest.

Got my car back from the body shop! Got my car back from the body shop!

But first, some carnage pictures...

When Seniors Attack When Seniors Attack

Well, today didn’t start great. An elderly woman decided the left turn only lane wasn’t the one for her and came into my lane without looking/signaling, slammed into my Legacy, and pushed me into a curb.

Black roof Benz Black roof Benz

I like these. Maybe not with so much chrome though, is that an option?

Technical Difficulties Technical Difficulties

Anyone else having trouble registering for WRC+? I’ve been trying to sign up since Thursday but keep getting thwarted by an error page before payment. Support is near non-existent. Take my money WRC!

Holy sweet mother of Oppo Holy sweet mother of Oppo

Code brown moment featuring a Caterham 620R on the Goodwood hill climb.

Road-tripped to CT over the weekend, picture dump Road-tripped to CT over the weekend, picture dump

Braved the frigid weather for an impromptu drive up to Connecticut. Went from South NJ up to Bridgeport, New Haven, Mystic and various other places over Fri/Sat/Sun.

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