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The 'Official' Le Mans Classic Planning Post The 'Official' Le Mans Classic Planning Post

Ive been meaning to create this post a long while ago, but time seems to slip away lately more than ever. This is a planning post for the Le Mans Classic event in July. Ill be detailing my own preparations here and would like to provide this as an opportunity for fellow Oppos to join in on this event.

Euro Meet! (EurOppo and Non-EurOppoMeet)

Now that the official EurOppoMeet is behind us and all of its members are slowly getting off the EurOppo high, it is safe to somewhat start thinking about a summer meet, a part 2 of sorts.

Need your help, guys...

Alright Oppo, so here’s the deal: I spent a week in February in Scotland. It was my holiday, I’ve been meaning to post pictures on here, but time hasn’t been on my side yet.

Daily Dose of Pops Daily Dose of Pops

Hello again. Got a little inspired by some of the pictures you guys posted, so here you go, your daily pop-up headlight fix! :)

Pop-Up Headlights.. Pop-Up Headlights..

You know what they say....’A car with pop-up headlights a day, keeps the popping-up failures closeby...’...or something like that.

EurOppoMeet: Expectations Exceeded (Part 2) EurOppoMeet: Expectations Exceeded (Part 2)

As some of you might remember from Part 1 of my elaborate report, Day 1 and the preparation for the Meet went outstanding. If you havent read it yet, please, feel free to do so:

EurOppoMeet: Expectations Exceeded (Part 1) EurOppoMeet: Expectations Exceeded (Part 1)

As some of you have already noticed, posts regarding Nordschleife runs are drippling in on Oppo from several members. Its actually not a coincidence, in case you missed it, past weekend set the stage for something profoundly epic, something that, in my personal opinion, had broken the internet if it could. What is…

My Japan Trip: Pt. 1 My Japan Trip: Pt. 1

A while back, I promised some of you that I would get back to you after my trip to Japan. I had already composed a post before I left, asking you what you’d recommend in doing there, car-related and non-car-related. Thank you for all the help. :)

I dont understand Jalopnik sometimes...

So, we have a guy who’s putting up an awesome day-to-day write up about the Carrera Panamericana with amazing pictures, amazing scenery, amazing cars.

Heading out to Japan in a week.

Dudes and dudettes,

Japanese Classic Sunday (in Holland) Japanese Classic Sunday (in Holland)

Last sunday, july the 3rd, while most of the guys on here were either getting drunk or sorting out their fireworks, I headed out with a couple of friends to one of the biggest events regarding Japanese classic cars: Japanese Classic Sunday.

The TorchBug Travels: Dutch Edition The TorchBug Travels: Dutch Edition

The time has come! The time has come for another TTB post.

The hunt for 'weird and quirky' continues... The hunt for 'weird and quirky' continues...

My fellow LaLD brothers and sisters,

Dusseldorf Classic Car Remise Photodump Dusseldorf Classic Car Remise Photodump

Apart from visiting the Nordschleife, my friends and I also did a pitstop at the Classic Car Remise in Dusseldorf.

Introduction: The LaLD version. Introduction: The LaLD version.

As some of you might have read my introduction on Oppo already, I had a LaLD Intro planned, and, well, here it is!!

A small introduction.... A small introduction....

Good day sir’s and ladies!!

The 'JDM' Crowd

Earlier this afternoon, I read a post from a fellow Opponaut, reminiscing about his times with his fellow ‘JDM’ friends and, most notably, talking about the relation between the ‘JDM stickers’ and the JDM scene in general.