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New Tarmac Works New Tarmac Works

I thought you guys might enjoy these new models that just came out. I hope to get my hands on these, in the future. Well, these will surely be sold out, but maybe future releases...

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Racing season is upon us.

Falken, Anyone? Falken, Anyone?

Sadly, I have to say that I have no time for this hobby, for the time being. I was lucky to be able to snap a few shots. Not only that, but I have no more storage or display space for new diecast. I’m not even sure where I’m going to go from here. ::sigh:: I hope you enjoy these shots, in the meantime(:

Thursday On The Thames Thursday On The Thames

If you’re Kowalski, you won’t let a little bit of mud get in your way (:

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Just a couple of black n white shots... without any filter (:

Tarmac Works Update Tarmac Works Update

Look at what’s coming. I think you’ll like it (:

F40? It Was Worth It F40? It Was Worth It

I say it was worth it (:

Land of the Rising... oh... Monday.. Land of the Rising... oh... Monday..

I’m sorry I’m late. In an alternate dimension, Kowalski would have been a Japanese tuner, driving a white Z on the Wangan at midnight. Instead of the Devil’s Z, it would have been called the Angel Z. Well, maybe :D The only thing I don’t like about this Car.nel model is the slightly crooked stance. Other than that,…

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Just a sloppy teaser. More to come. This one is definitely cool :D

Hour Rule Hour Rule

I refuse to acknowledge my bad(?) decisions... Instead, I will post them to LaLD (:

Half Hour Rule Half Hour Rule

Kowalski’s Garage.... Where the customer is almost right (:

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Are you SURE curiosity killed the cat?

Sneak Peak From Tarmac Works Sneak Peak From Tarmac Works

I see Pagani... I see an Egg..... o.O

A Z Tuned R34 and Pinky & Shadow at The Lake A Z Tuned R34 and Pinky & Shadow at The Lake

I just got this Z Tuned R34 and I’m loving it! Kowalski finally made it to the lake with Pinky and Shadow :D

Hour Rule (ORAT) Hour Rule (ORAT)

Kowalski is taking the lads to the lake, today. Anyone else throw their chase pieces around in the dirt? More to come..... :D

I Bought Another Truck I Bought Another Truck

This time it’s a DCP. I love the details(: Would you believe that rear cargo door goes up? i haven’t figured out how, exactly, but it opens partially on its own. I’ll have to do some more investigating..

Hour Rule Hour Rule

LOOK at me... I’m driving a Ferr... er... Kyosho :D

Hour Rule Hour Rule

A prancing horse for your viewing pleasure ;)

Speccast Hauler Arrival Speccast Hauler Arrival

Speccast makes a hauler with a moving flatbed and I’ve been eyeing it for a year, now. What do you guys think?

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