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Watchlopnik Watchlopnik

Another Straton! This one is quartz thought. Cheaper is nice, but the quartz version of this model (the speciale) is considerably thinner, hence the decision to go battery powered with this guy. Loving the 70s vibes

Stay warm out there everyone. Pray for us in LA Stay warm out there everyone. Pray for us in LA

We are struggling out here. It might rain today...

DOTS, downtown Orange CA DOTS, downtown Orange CA

I presume DANK WHOOOOOLIES to follow

Watchlopnik Watchlopnik

We may need a new subblog for all these watch posts. For now, got my latest score in the mail, fresh from 1961 or ‘62, not sure yet. Seiko Skyliner. Ordered a proper fitting strap since the one it came on is a touch too small

Air compressor recommendations? Air compressor recommendations?

Oppo, looking for a small air compressor, preferable oil free only because I plan on using it infrequently. Just need it for filling up tires, getting stuck bolts, dusting things etc. Any size and brand recommendations? Pic not mine obviously!

Watchlopnik Watchlopnik

I know, I know, I have a problem. But snoopy is here to fix all of them

I think I need this I think I need this

Saw it for the first time last week. How can you say no to snoopy???

Sorry Popular Mechanics, but you just lost some serious credibility

Seriously? A Nissan versa as one of the top 20 best hatches? Also, who decided on trying to make that list. I am surprised there is 20 to make the list!

Wooo! Bike ready to be picked up

5 weeks Italian days ago, I dropped the bike off to have the fork seals errr, engine replaced. I am sure they won’t bother giving me a discount for the extra time....

Nibby Bait Nibby Bait

Looky what I found at work! IBM model M, second generation, from 1988. And yes, it still works. Trying to convince my old boss to pass it on

Watchlopnik Watchlopnik

Couldn’t wait to sell the Straton to pick up this bad boy. Christopher ward C65 Trident diver. 41mm, but a super slim 10mm thick. Domed sapphire crystal, manual wind sw210 movement, 150m water resistance.

The 911 speedster doug reviewed

The dealer is about 5 minutes from my new apartment. In fact, he almost drove past my place! I drive past CNC almost every week. They have some incredible stock

Anyone want a watch? I give you good price my friend!  Anyone want a watch? I give you good price my friend! 

Looking to sell what I have come to refer to as the oppo watch. Straton synchro automatic. Great watch, seiko ne88 movement, domed sapphire crystal, 200m water resistance, leather strap and gulf nato included! Also comes with the Straton leather case, and spring bar tool. Only selling because it is a bit thick for my…

Oppo, in need of advise Oppo, in need of advise

So I think I am coming down with my quarter life crisis, if such a thing exists, and not in the traditional sense.


NEW BINKY!! That is all

Oppo watch review Oppo watch review

So after my first couple weeks with my new to me Straton Synchro, I’d though I’d share my thoughts on it since it seems like lots of oppo’s seemed to like it!


That GREEN!!!!!!

If you've never seen a MotoGP Race. FYI FREE RACE!

The best one yet is available for free right now until later tonight! Highly recommended! If you’ve got a free hour or so to watch, so worth it. Link in case of kinja

Watchlopnik and goodnight  Watchlopnik and goodnight 

My new Straton synchro auto arrived today. One of 200. Awesome 70s racing vibe. This bad boy definitely reminds me of oppo! More details in the morning. Good night you merry men! (and ladies if present) 

I don't think I can come up with a 4 letter word to describe this

Crash at the end of the fastest straight on the calendar... Link in case of kinja

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