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Introducing the newest member of the Village Introducing the newest member of the Village

We had a sweet little girl this morning at 9 AM. She’s a peanut, weighing in at just under six pounds. I am in loooooooooove with little Allison Lorraine.

Your Tax Dollars At Work Your Tax Dollars At Work

The US Department of Education sent me $10 in the mail.

The Toast 

I don’t remember who pointed it out or which post it was a comment on, but good news! The Toast is being approached by the Library of Congress for archival as confirmed by Nicole Cliffe.

Wednesday Evening OT

It’s currently 85 degrees outside, breezy, and I’m caught up on grading. Tonight is a good night for beer and steak. What’s everyone else up to tonight?

The mister just tweeted this out

Dogs are not supposed to be on the couch.

Wednesday Evening OT Wednesday Evening OT

Hey guys. I had a super productive day today. Woke up at five, gave a test, set up a lab for tomorrow, took care of some adminstrative tasks, and generally was a badass. I just finished spreading 15 or so bags of topsoil. I’m gonna try and get this mulch taken care of before I lose the light. I’ll be back in thirty…

Wednesday Evening Oy Vey

It rained this morning around 1:40. I jolted awake and felt that heart sinking stomach feeling but was able to wake up enough to stop a full blown panic attack. Harvey flashbacks, I guess. I wasn’t able to fall back asleep until it stopped and hour later.

Weather SITREP with update Weather SITREP with update

Update: Still okay. 9 inches yesterday for a total of 19. The pace of the rain is much slower and we aren’t having street flooding where I live. Creeks however are leaving not only their floodbanks but are starting to flood neighborhoods etc near us. My friend sent me this pic of CyCreek (about 1 mile from my parents).

Pop Quiz!

Bumped. I added the answers from last week. New Pop Quiz! tomorrow. Also, is there another time of day that would be more preferable for these to post vs Thursdays at 4 PM? With school in session, I can’t really respond at 4, because I’m still in class. I’m thinking Saturdays midmorning.

Wednesday Evening OT

I’m off to dinner with a friend but will be checking in later.

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Did we survive another day without nuclear war? I’m so tired right now, and I haven’t had time to check the news. My parents are picking me up in about ten minutes to go to dinner, so I’ll be MIA until later this evening. Fingers crossed I don’t fall asleep on my steak.

Pop Quiz!

1. This lazy character drives a 1973 Gran Torino (green with rust coloration) that’s missing the tape deck. Who is he?

Pop Quiz! Pop Quiz!

This week, I give the answer, and you give the question!

Wednesday OT

I am currently sitting in traffic. It’s pouring rain. I’m cold. I’m wet. I’m cranky. And it will take at least an hour yet to get home. Waaaaaaahh!

Pop Quiz!

1. What is the world’s coldest capital city?

Wednesday Evening OT

Halfway through my last week of summer before PD begins.

Pop Quiz!

1. Which famous literary sidekick has a name that is inspired by a surgical dressing?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Hump day is over and done!

Wednesday Evening OT

Greetings everyone! How is robot week going? We had a very loud thunderstorm this afternoon, so now the yard is a mud pit. I’m using this as an excuse to avoid going outside and doing yard work. Has anyone invented a robot that pulls weeds without disrupting my flowers?

Organization Question

My cross stitching organization has reached critical mass, in that none of my stuff is organized and is scattered across two coffee tables and a dining room table. My husband is not amused. I bought plastic bobbins and ordered a storage bin for my thread, I have a little magnetic box for my needles and that’s about…

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