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Rescued another Volvo  Rescued another Volvo 

In April, I bought this 97 850 T-5 for $400. It wasn’t running, wasn’t building any compression. Sprayed some starter fluid in and it cranked (don’t ask me how, I was just as baffled). Determined it was a bad fuel pump. Got it home on tow truck, sprinted to the junkyard downtown right before they closed, and got an…

Check this out Check this out

Guy in MB fanatics is selling an 02 SL500 Silver Arrow for $75k(!) I was a bit skeptical on price, so i decided to “do some research” and saw theyre not worth even half that. Insane pricing i think hes about 20 years off

Crunched my 300TE, not sure ill forgive myself Crunched my 300TE, not sure ill forgive myself

Spun out on an off ramp last night and tappeda railing; roads were wet, but i didnt think theyd be this slick.. Tried to recover the spin but there wasn’t enough room. Car still runs though, headlights still work and it looks repairable but I dont have the time or resources to repair her :(

Oh yeah, this happened. Oh yeah, this happened.

Picked up this 88 300TE a week ago from Pittsburgh for $500. Seller has done a lot of work to it, filled it with spare parts and gave us a mini tour of Pittsburgh. My dog peed on his Christmas tree but he was cool about it. Runs okay, sorting out a nasty cold start issue and a general lack of power after initial…

Baffling Issue on Volvo 940 Turbo 

So i bought another 940 Turbo the other day but cant get it to run anymore...

May buy a B1 Dasher, needing last minute info May buy a B1 Dasher, needing last minute info

This 81 VW Dasher diesel wagon is on my mind, I’m debating purchasing it tomorrow.. it’s a manual too! He says it cranks but wouldnt start; I’m gonna throw a battery on it and see what it does... Are these cars worth saving?

How are VW Dashers? 

I found an 81 VW Dasher wagon for 400 dollars; it’s manual and it’s a diesel. Are these any good? Any experience with one? Parts availability? Reliable? He says in the ad “any offer"

Recent junkyard finds... Recent junkyard finds...

My heart is breaking :(

Based on my cars, how jalop am i?  Based on my cars, how jalop am i? 

I’ve got 2 Volvo station wagons. One is turbo, one has its own religion. Though neither are stick, I do have a manual transmission mini Cooper s. None are diesel though, but that did almost change last month had it not been for rust holes i could fit my head thru....

I rescued a Volvo 240  I rescued a Volvo 240 

I picked up a 1992 Volvo 240 Wagon last Saturday for $100. Yup, 5 20's. When I got to the guys house (dude was drunk), it was sitting on 4 flat tires, and completely dead. I put a new battery on her, got it to start in 6 minutes (lol) and pumped up all 4 tires and drove it home, all within about 3 hours. He said the…

What is this stuff???  What is this stuff??? 

Went to change my oil today, and after I poured out the oil, I came across these small specks. They look like specks of metal but they break apart using my fingers so I’m not sure if it’s part of the rod bearings or crank. Also theyre not magnetic. I changed the oil back in September and saw the same thing but decided…

Verdict on the W123 Wagon. 

Went and looked at it again today and drove it. It started right up and smoothly but had a pretty rough idle for about 6 minutes. After it smoothed out I looked it over. It ran great as I was driving it, but I noticed the car was MUCH MORE rusty than I thought (I looked at it at in the dark before). I noticed the rear…

Who is Alissa Walker Who is Alissa Walker

And why is everyone making sarcastic comments about her, (or him?)

Last night was fun.  Last night was fun. 

Decided to have a little fun on my way home. First started off by over-cooking a turn and ended up perpendicular to the road, (oops). Found a roundabout and I held a pretty good angle and circled it about 3 times; then finished by entering an alley, still sideways. A car pulled over and the occupants looked stunned.

Paging all W123 owners Paging all W123 owners

I checked out an 82 300TD station wagon the other day, and i sorta want it. The rear SLS is in good shape it only has a bit of rust. It also has a charging issue but when I looked at it the belts were very loose. My question is, how cheap to own are W123? I know they’re pretty reliable but are they Volvo reliable? I…

Checked out a W123 wagon Checked out a W123 wagon

Went and scoped out an 82 300TD I found via CL. Looked like it was in decent shape, with some body rust. He explained the charging issue, and upon inspecting the belt, I realized the belts were loose enough to lift right off the pullies. Maybe the charging issue is due to the belt being too loose. He did say the…

The things you find on Craigslist  The things you find on Craigslist 

Found this cool project on Craigslist. Who wants to go halfsies with me?

This kinda broke my heart This kinda broke my heart

At the pick and pull, here is a great condition Volvo 740 wagon GLE. GLE trim means it has the rarer 16v engine and overall it was a great looking car. Had brand new tires and good paint. Guy said it was being junked because it was “old”

Did the Lords work.  Did the Lords work. 

Got my friend, who was looking for a wagon into volvos; I found this one on Craigslist for 800 dollars and she was a clean one too! Drove great.

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