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Is the Flathead Feasible? Is the Flathead Feasible?

I was reading about the Ford flathead, and the main problem for the engine was compression ratio. There were a few other problems, but the main problem seemed to be bad compression capabilities. So, with turbos and forced induction becoming the norm, could the flathead be feasible again? I was supposed to be…

Why I'll Never Forgive Ferrari Why I'll Never Forgive Ferrari

The Lancia Stratos is one of the prettiest cars. It sounds amazing. It ruled rally. One can even draw a line from the conception of the Stratos to the beginnings of Group B rally. Part of it's appeal comes from it's heart: a Dino V6.

It's Time for Ford to Bring Out the Corvette Killer They Lack

Ford and the Thunderbird most recently parted on bad terms. The Thunderbird's most recent iteration became a heavy, ugly, slow attempt at a cruiser. But it wasn't always that way. The Thunderbird was something special once upon a time.

The LS engine is the best engine in the world. But any engine can be.

From 1967 to 1983, the engine that ruled Formula One was the Cosworth DFV. It was compact, powerful, reliable, and cheap. Any customer could buy one, mate it to a Hewland and have a competitive chance. It won ten constuctor's championships and twelve driver's championships. It produced ~166 hp/L in the 70s and rarely…

Cadillac, Lotus, and Heritage

Heritage in the car industry means everything and nothing. Ferrari has heritage oozing out of every hand-beaten aluminum pore, er, molded carbon fiber pore (heritage is highly flammable ad causes immolation). Racing pedigree has propelled Ferrari to the point it is today, well, that or Montezemolo. No company leans on…