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So here's a turnaround for the books

JD Powers UK 2018 vehicle dependability survey. Last place: BMW.

Progress Progress

Good day today. Changed the thermostat on the Mitsi then spent half a day making a start on project Make Casey Great Again.

And so it begins... And so it begins...

Project “Make Casey Great Again” takes its first tiny step.

French GP French GP

Who’s broadcasting it in the US? I’ll be in Atlanta tomorrow morning and I’m hoping I’ll get on the hotel’s cable.

More Powah!!! More Powah!!!

Turns out country folks have tuner culture too. Who’da thunk.

JDM lyfe, yo JDM lyfe, yo

Who knew Green Tea Kitkats were a thing?

Contrasts Contrasts

Impressions on hopping into the Mitsi from the 86:

Subtle Subtle

..it’s not. But for 600+HP of twin-supercharged V12 wrapped in a couple of tons of Connolly leather I could probably forgive that. Can you imagine paying about 3 times the XJ12 list price for a new one though?

Furface Tuesday Furface Tuesday

Or Monday where most of y’all are, but whatever.

Superleggera Superleggera

FFS Kristen, at least scan the Wikipedia entry before writing an article!


1938 Rolls Royce Phantom.

That moment when... That moment when...

Your noise cancelling headphones start clipping.

“The leadership’s integrity has been called into question” “The leadership’s integrity has been called into question”

Ah, yeh, nah. It hasn’t. They have none - there’s no “question” involved.

Supporting the underdogs Supporting the underdogs

The Kiwi dilemma: support Hartley or support McLaren?

Oppinions: Which old 4x4? Oppinions: Which old 4x4?

As I mentioned recently, I just bought the farm (so to speak): 10 acres complete with large fixer-upper house and massively overgrown garden. This means I need a junk hauler (and once the property’s under control, racecar hauler).

That ain’t a wing.  That ain’t a wing. 

THIS is a wing.

Can I just say... Can I just say...

That as a furriner who doesn’t “get” the gun control debate or have an axe to grind in it, it’s really nice to be able to come here and read several gun control threads which, unlike everywhere else on the damned internet, involve people reasonably exchanging different viewpoints and not going straight to “Fuck You!”…

Skoda jokes Skoda jokes

Q: How do you double the value of a Skoda?

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