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Rear window vents Rear window vents

Someone made a post about these things in the past, but they came to my attention again recently.

First LS engine in the 5's

Im not sure how I missed this, but an LS powered drag car finally got into the 5's.

Corvette thoughts Corvette thoughts

I hate targa tops. Absolutely can’t stand them. I’ve never removed one for more than 5 minutes without regretting it. I’m just not a removable top kind of person - which is going to make this suggestion sound insane.

New ZR1 New ZR1

Stuck in traffic next to a new ZR1

Not a single puncture yet. Not a single puncture yet.

What am I doing wrong, GM? I've done a few basic jobs around the yard, but I haven't managed to even dent this bed. Is it because I haven't tossed heavy and sharp tools into it? I kinda like my tools too much to throw them or drop them.

Petit Le Mans - 2018 Petit Le Mans - 2018

It’s a little over three weeks to the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, the final race in the IMSA Weathertech series. 10 hours of racing on a track that offers a little bit of everything. The number 3 Corvette has a good chance of winning the series overall for GTLM.

I bought a new thing I bought a new thing

I decided to crawl under it.

New truck in the near future? New truck in the near future?

Having never owned a truck, I have decided to dive into one feet first. We are now looking at brand new trucks that can tow 10k lbs comfortably, so essentially any well equipped 1/2 ton. We plan on buying the truck and shortly after buying a travel trailer.

RV or travel trailer

Does anyone have any wheeling or ownership experience with an RV and/or travel trailer?

Return of the RX7 Return of the RX7

Now with 1875 Watts

Not Old Not Old

And I’ll prove it by speeding down a busy area and running a red light.

Irrational Want Irrational Want

I have an irrational want. I think I want an E89. The reason this is a big deal is because it is a convertible, and I do not care one bit for convertibles. I get no enjoyment from driving a convertible with the top down. They’re heavier than their coupe counterparts due to added chassis stiffening, but their chassis…

Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Has anyone figured out how to watch it in the US without resorting to an illegal stream?

Not a parking spot Not a parking spot

But I drive a Bentley, so rules don’t apply to me

SCT Tuner for 1996 to 2012 Ford SCT Tuner for 1996 to 2012 Ford

I was rummaging through my closet and came across my old SCT 3015 scanner from when I had my ‘03 Cobra.

Math is Fun!     E30 Edition Math is Fun!     E30 Edition

No, not that kind of E30. Though that one is likely more fun than this conversation. I’m talking about an E30 gasoline, or put another way - a 30% mixture of ethanol.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

I used to be so sure in my belief that the C2 is better looking than the C3, but now I find myself looking at early C3's and seriously considering one for my next project.

Scorching Take - The C5Z looks better than the JZA80 Scorching Take - The C5Z looks better than the JZA80

With all this talk of how the Supra prototype “doesn’t look as good as the old supra!!1!” I thought I’d stoke the flames and bring things into perspective. You see, styling is 100% subjective. Some people, like myself, think this:

ZR1 Configurator online ZR1 Configurator online

How did I miss this? The C7 ZR1 configurator is live, price and all. Did the FP ever report on this?

Tepid take: I kind of like the looks of the C7 ZR1 Tepid take: I kind of like the looks of the C7 ZR1

Even with its funky bumper and awkward inlets. At least the heat exchangers can get some much needed air now.

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