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Auto Rewind Auto Rewind

At first glance this may look like just another Johnny Lightning buick regal,it is a special car to me.This isn’t a White Lightning but I got the regular white version and got a wheel swap for real riders with some chrome spokes.Back in the day when I was a young driver I saved up and bought a white 86 buick regal…

SS Sunday SS Sunday

The 70 Chevelle is my favorite muscle car,and this is my first choice in colors.I need a black car with red interior but the only thing missing are the white stripes,maybe i’ll put some waterslide decals on later! These M2 cars are the best 1/64 chevelles I have seen and I have seen them make a bunch of different…

Saturday Sizzle Saturday Sizzle

Ever since this 70 chevelle cast with the road racing treatment came out with the Gulf livery I needed to wheel swap it to look correct.It’s not there yet, I a m waiting for some Sharpie fine tip oil paint markers to detail all the cars in my case including this one.This car would look right at home next to my Penske…

Alternate AMX Alternate AMX

I had this Black Bandit amx around so I threw some bigger meats on the back and applied some Mad Max waterslide decals.Working with this scale decals is difficult for me because I have big fingers and had trouble with placement and a couple of times I found myself chasing a decal to fish it out of the water.All in all…

Like father,like son. Like father,like son.

Dale Earnhardt Sr was one of the baddest men to step behind the wheel of a racecar in the modern era of nascar.My favorite driver of all time he was a cross between local track legend,wild west gunslinger and charging bull.When I first started watching nascar back in 89 I had the pleasure of watching this icon win a…

Trailer Thrash Trailer Thrash

These hitch and tow sets are great for track displays I really have to get that Gulf set and Krispy Kreme trailer.Here are a few pics of of a pro street camaro arriving and making a test hit with a tool or two thrown in!

Superhero Saturday Superhero Saturday

A cross between a countach and a tank,this 1/64 hot wheels tumbler is the best detailed version and part of a two tumbler set.It has an opening hatch and you can’t beat the tread on those back tires!

A sight to Zee A sight to Zee

Usually I scan ebay for odd brands like zee toys because they remind me of cars you pester your mother for at the drug store when you were a kid.I’ve had this 73 Chevelle/Malibu for a while now and always wanted to pick up another even if its loose,but never seem to find one even with the sticker decals on it…

Orange is the new black Orange is the new black

Johnny Lightning really did a great job on these general lee’s they are the best 1/64 representation you can get except for one little thing,SIZE. I have thrown in a few pictures of the Greenlight 1968 charger next to the general and you can clearly see the difference.I wish that Greenlight got the rights to do a…

Picture the past Picture the past

I have been collecting diecast for a while now and found this in a family album.This is an old picture of a desk I had twenty years ago when I could afford to drown myself in diecast.I always enjoy looking at the 1/24 black transporter that I turned into nascar hauler with a little paint and waterslide…

Duck,Duck GOOSE! Duck,Duck GOOSE!

I picked this up off the bay today,a pretty minty zylmex ridge riders kawasaki kz1000 it should pair well with the 1/24 Mad Max interceptor I have.This bike is pretty close to what the goose rode in the movie,maybe if I pick up a loose bike of the same kind I can attempt some weathering and add waterslide MFP logos…

Daytona Demons Daytona Demons

A pair of race cars that used to pour through the steep turns of Daytona Speedway in years past.Darrell Waltrip’s 79 olds nascar and the 2008 Brumos Porsche daytona prototype.I love the body styles of the older nascars and the classic Gatorade sponsorship!The DP Riley chassis Porsche is well executed by Greenlight and…

Marion? Marion?

One of Sly Stallone’s best cop movies,this M2 Mercury is pretty darn close to the one he drove in that great car chase in the film.By the way,those of you who saw the movie get the title.

O.K Show me. O.K Show me.

Christine is one of my top 5 car movies and M2 is in my top 3 1/64 renditions of sweet lady!

Land of the rising Sunday-Kyosho edition Land of the rising Sunday-Kyosho edition

This Kyosho veneno is my favorite Lambo but the wheels on it don’t roll very well,the base unscrews easy enough.Do LaLd’ers think a set of lower profile real riders will solve this problem or for that point even fit?

Table Treasures Table Treasures

Two of my favorite falcon’s side to side,both are peiced together outlaw hot rods not to be messed with.The SW falcon is also diecast and has opening cockpit,loading side ramp and lift off rear top hatch to reveal detailed living quarters inside!

Digital Diecast Digital Diecast

I have few vices in life,two of them are diecast cars and videogames.So it’s only natural to me that every driving game or game that has cars in it is greatly influenced by my collection.I think a few of you out there might play GTA 5 online and this is a video salute to some of my collection,these pics are taken all…

Thrust Thursday Thrust Thursday

Hands down one of my favorite HW casts of all time!Who doesn’t like a 71 elco with twin jet engines in the back.The black with the red accent scheme doesn’t hurt either, now for a black wheel swap and some detailing.

Weathered Wednesday Weathered Wednesday

Rusty worn out hoods and doors,missing headlights and missing or mismatched parts.I love these M2 Auto Projects line this is the 70 chevelle,my favorite is the 58 fury that is my before Christine car!

Unblocked! Unblocked!

I finally got the rear wheels to move and roll kinda freely! Thanks for the info from those who replied.

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