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Well, fancy that Well, fancy that

My current car was, in a previous life, a resident of the UK and went by the snappy moniker of LD54 VSK

A thing rarely seen (yet) A thing rarely seen (yet)

New and shiny BMW 840d 4wd for somebody in January. Looks smaller than I thought.

A thing I've learned A thing I've learned

My car spent the first ten years of its life in the UK as LD54 VSK and armed with that information I can find out how it did in its MoT tests (annual safety and emissions check)

Things that are unique Things that are unique

Following yesterdays post about Things That Don’t Sell, let’s go a bit further. To be exact, further north to Sweden. Varför? Because I can find the figures, that’s why.

Things that sell (not) Things that sell (not)

I’ve been looking at statistics, seeing as how it’s nearly the end of the year, and seeing what doesn’t sell in Ireland.

Things you learn Things you learn

This is a helping of VW currywurst which I bought this summer at the VW Glass Factory in Dresden.

I12! I12!

Yes, a straight 12 for today. You know you want one.

PRN, par Citroën PRN, par Citroën

Park, Reverse., Neutral? Mais non, or at least not in the 1970s and 1980s.

Today's things rarely seen Today's things rarely seen

A brace of foreign things, one of which is an Elise but not as we know it. It was humming somewhat.

7/12! 7/12!

Yes, the name is self explanatory. Ferrari’s biggest engine, a 7 litre V12 (actually a 6.9 but never mind), used for Can Am in the early 1970s.

Capitalist marketing, Wartburg style Capitalist marketing, Wartburg style

Yes, they had ads for Wartburgs.

6/12! 6/12!

Let’s have one of these. No, it wasn’t actually a 6 litre V12, but 5712 just doesn’t sound right.

5/12! 5/12!

Take your pick. Oh, and spot the odd one out.

A blast from the past A blast from the past

I used to have an Audi Coupé.

Today's thing rarely seen Today's thing rarely seen

This fine product of IFA, from the days of the Glorious Socialist Workers’ Paradise when the proletariat were supplied by the State with housing, transport and work and one could therefore use the products of the vehicle conglomerate to travel to where one could produce the kind of stuff the socialist worker and his…

Today's thing rarely seen Today's thing rarely seen

Rarely seen here that is, but still everywhere in France so some brave soul took his or her battered R21 on hols here.

Timeline! Timeline!

1984 to 1986: one of these

A thing now rarely seen A thing now rarely seen

The small red thing in the middle. It’s a Suzuki Alto.

French lessons 1.02* French lessons 1.02*

*We had 1.01 a couple of years ago.

Things that should be higher Things that should be higher

This thing. It should say something nearer to 90° than 80°. That would mean a new thermostat then.

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