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21/9! 21/9!

Meet the Uhu.

Symmetry is over rated Symmetry is over rated

Meet the Blohm und Voss BV 141.

18/9! 18/9!

No, not a really quick Porsche. That was a 918.

17/9! 17/9!

Courtesy of Alfa Romeo, in the days before Sergio. Pictured in Argentina, when that country could into F1 races, and from the tobacco era.

Today's thing rarely seen Today's thing rarely seen

A small French thing not noted for speed.

15/9! 15/9!

Brown, manual, diesel estate. What more could you possibly want?

Things you see Things you see

When I was on holiday in Stockholm I took a trip, purely by way of novelty not having been aware that it existed, on the Nockebybana which is a short, off street tram line running through expensively* leafy suburbia. It’s one of the few tramways that survived the change to driving on the right fifty years ago when the…

Unusual means of transport Unusual means of transport

Last week I was on Vaxholm of an evening and this hove into view.


Seen on the mean streets of Kensington, one of the posher areas of London.

Today's thing rarely seen Today's thing rarely seen

Courtesy of Chrysler, a name now absent from my side of the pond again.

Things that are scary

Looking at truck drivers as you pass them on the bus. Texting while driving 40-odd tonnes? Fine. Fill out a sheet balanced on the wheel as you drive 40-odd tonnes? Fine. Watch something on your phone? Fine.

Two things rarely seen Two things rarely seen

Both seen almost in sight of each other in posh suburbia.

Lunch! Lunch!

Some kind of mince and roast cabbage with salad. 95 kr or about €10 but at least it is 95kr, not 95 plus tax plus the tip. Oh and coffee and a cake included, or lots of coffees and cakes if you like.

Köttbullar Köttbullar

Why yes, of course they have meatballs for breakfast here. Truth be told, these three were more than enough.

A thing rarely seen A thing rarely seen

Volvo truck with sticky-out front. The Americans like them, the rest of us not so much.

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