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important work important work

On the variability of flavors in bags of Skittles.

This is fantastic. This is fantastic.

Well done, Southlake PD.

Zen (Svend?) and the Art of Washing Your Car

Kind of a dumb article, but with a few simple truths scattered about. “Therapeutic” is a good word for it. Bonus Packard & Land Cruiser content, anyway.

a very good dog a very good dog

Seen on The Drive.

First ///M's Biermann, now Ford RS's Tyrone Johnson to Hyundai

I like it. Give us that 2-seater you teased for April Fools, and a G70 N!

Morning OPPO Morning OPPO

I’m feeling old this morning... 

Servers and food-service folks: a question (actually 2)

There are lots of quick-service places now. Not fast food, but pretty fast, but not normal sit-down places where you order from a menu and have a server. So, at a place like this, where I walk to the counter and put in my order and pay, and get my own drink, and clear my own trash, where the only thing that the staff…

From the Silverado webpage From the Silverado webpage

Ehhh... and it’s actually an 8-speed [double facepalm].

Layoffs at my wife's work today

She found out on Friday that she’s safe, thankfully, but still uncertain about some of our friends who work there. I’ve been through it a few times, always a shitty day... Apparently her boss is “on the list”, so it’s going to be a weird/stressful few months while things shake out and order is reestablished. Sounds…

Anyone running Pilot Sport 4S?

Need new fronts for my summer set, and thinking about pairing these with the PSS on my rears that still have quite a bit of life left. I’m staggered 255/275, so I’m thinking the slight additional grip in the front may make it feel more like a square setup (many people go to square for more neutral handling on track).…

I'm guessing some of you might want to chime in...

“How to Drive on Rough Roads” - Lifehacker

Morning, OPPO Morning, OPPO

Feeling low? There’s a big, beautiful world waiting just over the rise...

Jussie Smollet, all charges dropped - WTH?!

This has to be the craziest story arc in recent memory. There seemed to be such clear evidence that all this was faked. Did the police obtain all this evidence improperly or something?

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