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Normalizing to Power: Daily the Beast, or Save it to Savor? Normalizing to Power: Daily the Beast, or Save it to Savor?

What’s your opinion, OPPO? (a continuation of a conversation I had with Jarod Rose) Should you drive your fun, powerful car as much as possible, or (if you have the means) should you keep it in the garage so that every drive in it is truly a special one? So far, for the past 5 years, I’ve gone with the former (105k…

Fun/Track Car - Limits of Street Legality Fun/Track Car - Limits of Street Legality

Besides the obvious (tires, emissions), what are the changes along the path of street car to track car that make a vehicle no longer legal to drive on the road? I’m in Oklahoma, so there are no state inspections or emissions testing to deal with. And I get that stiffer suspension and competition brake pads would make…


Saw one very much like this driving slowing through downtown when I was out at lunch. He had the stupid-loud exhaust mode off, but gave it a little blip coming to a stop and then rolled off slowly. Still sounded great, and damn, it does look great. This is the first time I’ve had these kinds of feelings for a…

new iPhone day new iPhone day

This is a mesmerizing GIF... So, I’m usually an upgrade-as-soon-as-I’m eligible type, but the sweet, sweet form factor of my 5s has kept me loyal for 4 LONG YEARS (yes, I did consider the SE). I also considered a move to Android, but as a Mac user with most of my family using iPhones (kids FaceTime with grandparents &…

Just Froze My Credit Just Froze My Credit

Anyone else doing this in light of the Equifax data breach? For those who have done credit freezes in the past, any advice? I guess I should’ve gone to AnnualCreditReport.com first to get my reports, but we recently bought a new home and nothing seemed amiss.

hurricane-inspired prose hurricane-inspired prose

The brunt of this storm would give quite a shunt. It’s an affront to all on the hunt for a stationary front. It takes real grunt to prepare for these blunt winds; many punt. All’s not clear on the eastern front. Harvey was a bastard, but Irma’s a...

OPPO (and Overland&Exp) Approved? OPPO (and Overland&Exp) Approved?

32 bucks for a t-shirt? =(

Turn that frown upside down, OPPO. Turn that frown upside down, OPPO.

I’m 6'1", 220, 34" inseam. Any chance I’d fit in one of these?

Enjoy the drive, OPPO. Enjoy the drive, OPPO.

Courtesy NatGeo (an old photo of the day)

Can you program intuition? Can you program intuition?

“...by building from a list of technical requirements, researchers neglect the single most important part of real-world driving: our intuition. Using it to determine the motivations of those around us is something humans are so effortlessly good at that it’s hard to even notice we’re doing it, nonetheless program for…

TIL: The U.S. is the world's 3rd most populous nation.

Most populous country, China 1.4 billion — 2nd most populous country, India 1.3 billion —3rd most populous country, USA 324 million — 4th most populous country, Indonesia 258 million — 5th most populous country, Brazil 206 million 

My family's reaction to the eclipse. My family's reaction to the eclipse.

So glad I caught my kids on video right when it went dark!

Bannon is Out!

Holy crap, this guy is a breaking news machine... I wonder how long Kelly will last. I’m guessing he told Trump it was him or Bannon.

New Z4M vs. Supra  New Z4M vs. Supra 

Do you think BMW & Toyota have an agreement about which one will be faster, or will they just share chassis & powertrain and other than that, all bets are off? The BMW will surely be heavier, unless they employ some serious lightweighting tech.

Of the 45 manual E90 M3s currently available for sale in the U.S. on Autotrader... Of the 45 manual E90 M3s currently available for sale in the U.S. on Autotrader...

Only 7 are incorrectly listed and actually have the DCT. I thought it’d be a lot higher than that! Couldn’t confirmed either way on 4 cars. One of the offenders was from Enthusiast Auto Group! Come on, guys...


Passed a beautiful black 964 C4 with gold wheels in traffic on the way in this morning (similar to the one pictured). License plate in title above...

"I'm going to drive my 10-year-old car into the ground even though I can afford a new one — and I think anyone would be crazy not to"

“I have no emotional attachment to this car, and yet, I still don’t want to give her up.” So cold... And apparently most of us here are crazy. I completely get the financial side of it (very rational), but you can do all that with a car you actually like and enjoy driving, too.


This is... disturbing? Is disturbing the right word? And it goes on for 26 minutes! It’s supposed to be calming, apparently. It just makes me think this lady is the female form of American Psycho (Swedish Psycho?).

I Wanna See Stars... I Wanna See Stars...

So, we’re moving to the country (close in one week!). Was hoping to be out far enough to see the Milky Way, but looks like that may have been wishful thinking. Check out this site. We’re moving from the fringe of red to the yellow zone. Definitely will see more stars, but not sure if it will be dark enough to catch…

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