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A high concentration of beige A high concentration of beige

Is this how Camrys are made

Do you think that Doug stays in autotrader.com/Oversteer because he Too fears what he’s created. 

Hoovie's officially lost it. Hoovie's officially lost it.

A budget Bentley? I’ll give him a month before he sells the entire hooptie fleet to get it running again.

2008 Breckland Beira



Seems like they sold the Allanté and got another XJS

Good job Doug Good job Doug

How do you manage to make a video about a convertible and not even show the convertible part?

2009-2012 Artega GT

2003-2005 MG XPower SV.

Twingo represent. Twingo represent.

First off, to the Oppo admins, if this is not allowed, you can take it down, I won’t be mad. But, I run a RedBubble, and I decided to make up aTwingo design for all of us hon-ning fanatics.

2004-2011 Bristol Fighter.

1993-2000 AC Brooklands Ace/Ace V8/Aceca V8.

2001 Jensen S-V8.

Drink up, lil Lexus

I'm not complaining but  I'm not complaining but 

This is all I can think of.

I detailed the Outback this evening. I detailed the Outback this evening.

Just in time for Hurricane Irma. Did a small photoshoot too.

I wasn't digging it before... I wasn't digging it before...

But now I think I can dig it.

Headlight restoration tips? Headlight restoration tips?

It seems that headlight fading has hit the Outback. Hard. Does anyone have any good methods for battling this?

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