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It has been a while It has been a while

It is been a while since I have posted but here is what has showed up in the last couple days.

Well apparently we are Jeep people now Well apparently we are Jeep people now

The wife has been looking for a Jeep for a little while and this little CJ5 fit the bill was the right price and the deal even came with a DJ. The CJ has a 3.8 out of a Camaro and some kind of three speed transmission out of a Ford.

Might have picked the right one Might have picked the right one

Got home from work today and found these waiting for me.

Full Scale Hot Wheel Full Scale Hot Wheel

My father in law has been selling off some of his project cars and bought something that runs and drives. So my youngest drove him up to Joplin and picked this bad boy up.

5/24 Solo 5/24 Solo

Got some tickets to a preview of Solo for thursday night.

The Joys of Cleaning House

Been cleaning the house this weekend and found a box of carded 1/64 th’s I had forgot about pictures maybe later.

Finds Sorta Finds Sorta

Been working hard on getting a base CB station set up. Part of this was going down to the old trailer to get some stuff to mount a TV in the new shack. On the way out pulled these of the shelf and brought them up to the house.

New Radio New Radio

Got a President Lincoln II from a local for a pretty good price the dead key is a little high on AM but gets out on SSB pretty well.

Got The Other 2 Jeeps Today Got The Other 2 Jeeps Today

Went and had lunch with the wife and grandkid today and stopped in at Walmart and got the two jeeps I was missing.

What a Weekend What a Weekend

The wife got these for me on Thursday and it was kinda prophetic since my uncle invited me on a jeep trip to Disney, OK.

Just a Matchbox kinda weekend Just a Matchbox kinda weekend

Got some good stuff done this weekend and picked up three matchboxes this weekend which is weird for me I don’t usually go for them but I think it turned out great.

Did some Light work on June Bug today Did some Light work on June Bug today

Drove over to dad’s house today since he wanted to swap some CB stuff around in the truck and we wired up the off road lights I got for Christmas. Getting them wired up took a little longer that I thought but it turned out well.

Sweet Matchbox In Boxes Sweet Matchbox In Boxes

Went to Walmart tonight and finally saw some of the new Matchboxes in boxes so I ended up with these two.


Here is the as raced Camaro.


I got a question for all of the LALD’ers out there. How many rooms in your house do you have diecast cars displayed? I was just thinking about our house in the living room there are several on my desk and a cork board with more up, some on random shelves, our bedroom has a shelf with most of my bigger stuff that is…

Who Ordered this weather Who Ordered this weather

Well winter is finally here a big arctic air mass has moved in and we are probably going to get into the single digits tonight. I had to meet the family so the youngest would have a vehicle to drive home from work and stopped by Wal-Mart and picked these up.

Finally got the CB figured out Finally got the CB figured out

My dad has been into CB radios for a long time and since I bought June Bug he has been after me to put on in it. A couple of weekends ago I drove over to his house but we couldn’t find a place to mount the radio that would be safe. I guess that is one of the downsides of having a small regular cab truck. Anyway he did…

Been a Busy couple of weeks Been a Busy couple of weeks

After a bunch of overtime the last three weeks things have finally started to calm down at work now stuff at home is being caught up. Did some work on the 3/4 ton and put some new brake parts on June Bug over the weekend. I have started a box of carded hot wheels for the grandson not sure where the over and under on…

What A Week What A Week

We had an historically busy week at work started out with a half day that turned into 13 hours Sunday, a flat tire Monday morning, got pulled over for no brake light Wednesday night, and got a little over 76 hours in six days. I made plans to go on a four by trail ride with my uncle in his jeep on saturday so I needed…

Look What was waiting on me when I got home. Look What was waiting on me when I got home.

Had another rough day at work but these were on my desk when I got home. The wife always is looking out for Hot Wheels when she goes to town. She saw the Javelin AMX first and then found the rest of the set. As for the five pack she doesn’t usually go for these but this one is pretty good top to bottom.

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