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Project name for my truck Project name for my truck

Oppo I need your help. I have been trying to come up with a name for my truck since I bought it back in March, but it seems to be considerably harder than I thought.

Horizon 2 Differences Horizon 2 Differences

Does anyone know if the car list for Horizon 2 is different on the 360 vs. the Xbox one. I want to know because it may be the deciding factor on whether or not I get an Xbox one. Thanks in advance.

My Ford Friday My Ford Friday

Ford Friday you say?

Looking for a white and black grille for a 2010-14 f150 Looking for a white and black grille for a 2010-14 f150

Ok oppo here's my truck at the moment.

Racing Leagues Racing Leagues

For the last couple of years I've been toying with the idea of bringing my first car back from the dead and making it a race/track day car. The only problem I seem to be running into is that I have no earthly idea what league or division my car could be placed in.

Saab Track Day Car

Does anyone have or does anyone know someone who has a saab track car?

Finally the day is here! Finally the day is here!

It's finally my 21st birthday, and I'm pretty stoked about that! But on a more vehicular related note, if my credit application goes through, I get my new truck today. I'm more excited by that though, simply because I was going to get it Friday however someone came in and bought the one I was looking at. So they had…

I'm getting my new truck in a few days and need some help with wheel fitment.

Scotch Suggestions

I turn 21 in about a week and for my birthday present from my parents and I told them to get me a good bottle of scotch does anyone have any particular suggestions or favorites?

Question for anyone with an 09+ 4x4 F150 Question for anyone with an 09+ 4x4 F150

I'm about to trade my current F150 in and was told the dealer would swap my current rims and tires for the ones on the new truck problem is I don't know if they will fit without leveling the truck. I am trading in a 2wd so the rake was different but I'm not sure how much more of a rake is on the 2wd versus the 4wd. I…

Question on a Saab 9-3 Question on a Saab 9-3

I have had this question for quite some time now and couldn't find the answer anywhere. But then I came here and noticed that you guys on oppo seem to know a fair amount more about my old Saab than I do.