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Age of Mistrust Age of Mistrust

We are living in an age of mistrust, pure and simple.

Rise of the Bandicoot? Rise of the Bandicoot?

Well, here we are again. As part of a charmingly minimalist Sony conference at this year’s E3, Sony confirmed that they’re working with Activision to bring the 20-year-old Crash Bandicoot back to PlayStation.

Solving Open World Wraparound Solving Open World Wraparound

When you think of the term “open world”, most times I bet you’d imagine either an action sandbox like GTA V or an emergent realm like Minecraft. But despite the compelling nature of these games, neither of them have a crucial element: the feeling of a circular world.

Source 2 Under the Hood Source 2 Under the Hood

Hey again! It’s been three months since Valve officially announced Source 2 at GDC, and roughly three years since I first started this journey of making it all relevant to you, the gaming public... and especially those who, like me, have sought answers to all the frustrations of Source once and for all.

1998: Bear and Bird vs Dragon 1998: Bear and Bird vs Dragon

Earlier this week, I elaborated on the rise and fall of Crash Bandicoot as foreshadowed by its third installment. But in the wake of a certain recent Kickstarter, I’ve decided make this an occasional column to use 1998 as a pivot for discuss game design and development history. And what better place to start than with…

J*Rod's ConTAYct J*Rod's ConTAYct

Hiya! I’m J*Rod, silent catalyst and media generalist. I’ve dropped onto TAY to provide whatever insight I can into relevant topics by putting them into perspective with the history that’s come before them.

The Case of the Missing Bandicoot The Case of the Missing Bandicoot

With a multi-generational gap in gaming today, it’s easy to get up in arms about a series you like or are at least nostalgic for. Today, those in college are old enough to remember 1998, a milestone year of video games that began tons of classic franchises including Unreal, Banjo-Kazooie, Half-Life, Thief, and Spyro,…

Mod Workshop: Why Steam's Model Didn't Work

Mods are an integral part of the video game community. Always have, always will. Especially these days, when most games today run off of engines licensed from someone else.

The Real Impact of Source 2 The Real Impact of Source 2

Yesterday, Valve had finally taken the next step to "officially" announce Source 2. So for the first time in 3 years, I'm going to weigh in on everything that's been confirmed since the rumors started, as well as all the implications for the future.

Jam with a Lack of Dew Jam with a Lack of Dew

Many of you may remember the controversy behind the crashed-and-burned GAME_JAM project undertaken by Polaris barely a month ago. Lives were changed, careers were ruined, and many involved swore never to drink Mountain Dew again.

Extra Extra: More Credits on the Way Extra Extra: More Credits on the Way

It's hard to imagine that just over five years ago, an unassuming prospective animator from Georgia would team up with a rising game industry activist to spark what would become a highly influential web series that has run on four gaming sites and helped jump-start a new generation of eager, young designers.

Look Out Mos Eisley, Bohemian Rhapsody Has Arrived [UPDATE] Look Out Mos Eisley, Bohemian Rhapsody Has Arrived [UPDATE]

This past semester, the Digital Video department of the University of Advancing Technology embarked on well-tread ground with Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition. Today, it has finally been released on their YouTube channel, and it is a sight to see.

Repost: Source 2 Recap 2012

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