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What have I been doing(Hunk Of Junk Racing) What have I been doing(Hunk Of Junk Racing)

So I know I haven’t really posted in a year it seems. Work has been a bit crazy. I have been making slow progress on the 64 Mali which I’ll eventually make an update post for. To try and fund the build I started doing powdercoating on the side. Which then turned into actually finishing some of my other projects to…

Damnit 2016


Am I crazy? (Mali Update ish) Am I crazy? (Mali Update ish)

So the last few months have been absolutely crazy (well lets go with months). I had my event at Mt. Washington for New England Mazda Auto Club Inc./ Family Vacation, been to Germany & Italy for work, multiple family obligations, Buying a new car, Getting T-Boned in said new car, and a very little time working on the…

Project is Still Alive (Mali Update) Project is Still Alive (Mali Update)

I figured it was about time for a small update on the Mali. Its been hard to find time to work between the new job, the new deck, and live in general.. But there is progress!

I am outta Here (Friday) I am outta Here (Friday)

Put my 2 weeks in last Monday, became official to the Client today! I am on to a better position and no longer consulting. I will be working for a real company now! Here comes better pay, better benefits, better vacation.

Bought  a Thing. (For the Wife) Bought  a Thing. (For the Wife)

So since the wife has been telling me to buy all the parts for the Mali. We went and replaced her aging 2008 Mazda CX-9 with 113k on it, (and blown door seals).

Someone hide my CC from me.

I just ordered more Car parts. The curses of having a very understanding wife, she told me to order the AC kit for the car.

I'm Flying Jack (Mali Update) I'm Flying Jack (Mali Update)

This weekend was pretty productive. The body now floats over the frame. Thursday night my new dash and suspension parts came in. I need to get those on as the boxes take up a lot of room.

More Progress (Short Mali Update) More Progress (Short Mali Update)

Even more amazing then actually moving the Mali is I did work on it for the 1st time in almost 2 years. Last night I removed the old shattered windshield and cleaned up the interior. Also test fit the Camaro seats which fit perfectly so its nice to have a win.

It moved (Mali Update)  It moved (Mali Update) 

Yes I know this doesn’t say Lotus, it says Mali. I will have a Lotus update later but this weekend I moved the Mali back to the driveway so I can separate the body off the frame again and finish welding.

Why I love my wife, (I ordered a lot of car parts) Why I love my wife, (I ordered a lot of car parts)

With the go ahead from the wife since they were on a very good sale, I have just placed the order for:

A Little More Progress on the Lotus A Little More Progress on the Lotus

So progress has be a little slow currently on the Europa. It has mostly been banging out U-joints, unfreezing caliper pistons, Injecting foam, sanding, cutting ect. First Major Part done was the transmission was cleaned up and repainted.

Morning Music (My Friday Mood)  Morning Music (My Friday Mood) 

Warning contains some language possibly not appropriate for work. Video is PC.

I love having a house Part2... I built a Thing I love having a house Part2... I built a Thing

This weekend I embarked on the project to fix / replace my retaining wall at my house. It had begun to collapse and was going to cause some damage to my car if it went.

I love having a house... Unexpected Construction I love having a house... Unexpected Construction

So I get to spend copious amounts of unplanned money this weekend and try not to kill myself or my buddy coming to help. My retaining wall to the left of my driveway, seen below, is all rocks. Well this winter the rocks decided they did not want to stay put and have massively shifted to the point that I have wedged a…

Well My Wallet Might Be In Trouble  (My Wife is Awesome)

If you remember yesterday’s post about the suspension

Help Me Oppo...  Help Me Oppo... 

I wan’t to spend copious amounts of money on my Mali to get it done.

Progress (Lotus Update) Progress (Lotus Update)

Hi all and welcome back to the sporadic updates of the 1970 Lotus Europa. Good news the shipment from England finally arrive after much waiting. That meant the custom made windshield is now here. I finally got some time to powder coat the reaming wheels and mount tires on them, and progress was made on fiberglass and…

I'm Stuck in a BioPharma Clean Room AMA

I’m shadowing the Preventative Maintenance of a Bio-reactor. Help me from going insane.

What to do? Project Car Ponderings

So many of you have seen my current project, the 1964 Chevelle Malibu Rust box.

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