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F1 online streams

Anyone knows some good streams to watch F1 today? I’m stuck with just internet and those flashplayer streams have terrible quality while the acstream one I found lags :(

WHYYY?! Was it Jaguar or is it aftermarket? WHYYY?! Was it Jaguar or is it aftermarket?

Those tailpipes sticking out are making me puke!! Why would you ruin the lines of the car with something so ugly? *not actual car, I pass one with those things everyday though*

Hungarian GP


Cash for clunkers

I stumbled upon this on facebook and I was wondering what did the program consist of since I’m not from the US. Did they pay you the full value and then scrap the car or did they give you a fixed sum?

Looking for suggestions on a simulator for PC

So, I just upgraded my pc and and I want to buy a car game. I really loved Forza 4 on my 360, unfortunately I modded it to hell and got banned. (but hey,it runs linux now) Any suggestions on similar games?

Max Burnstappen burns rubber on Massa's corpse Max Burnstappen burns rubber on Massa's corpse

Max Verstappen proves he is a true 17 year old in what I can only imagine as the hottest press conference in F1 history. For those of you who haven’t read the news, Massa was quick to comment and complain that Max is too young for F1, saying yet again that FIA made a big mistake by letting him race.

Handling Dilemma Handling Dilemma

can someone please explain to me how can this car, a 1997 Daewoo Leganza, corner faster and better than a 2006 VW Passat? as far as stats go, the Leganza has an american suspension, it’s like riding on a magic carpet, but rolls like hell while the Passat has a really hard suspension. Also, the Laganza is 16 cm high…

F1 Battery and DRS strategy

for a few days now I begun to wonder, can't a team use the DRS and the batteries to gain speed on the straights? let's say car nr.1 goes in front and uses the battery on the straights and car nr.2 uses DRS to follow at a high speed. Battery drains out, car nr.2 with a full battery goes in front and car nr.1 uses DRS…

Any good online Sky F1 streams?

the more HD the better. what do you use?

Any ways to keep yourself from falling asleep at the wheel?

I'm going skiing tomorrow all by myself which means two things. I get to ski a lot. quite a lot. I'm targeting around 8 hours of non-stop skiing and second, a really long drive home after very little sleep.

Help me with some textbooks Help me with some textbooks

Well, I'm in dire need of a few text books. I'm from Romania and I want to give them to a friend.