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Good evening Opponauts Good evening Opponauts

I haven’t been active on here for a while. How goes it? I still own the Hairdresser Mobile, I bought a FiST, the 300D will probably have to be sold this summer, and I still love TVRs.

Any Opponauts graduating? Any Opponauts graduating?

I commissioned on Thursday and graduate later today. As a final gift from Morgantown roads....I now have 2 ganked RPF1s. GD potholes

Saw a first today Saw a first today

Was on a run around campus and one of my fellow Mountaineers was driving with about half his left leg out the window.

Today I am 24 years young Today I am 24 years young

It feels weird, but maybe that is just the Jim Beam communicating. I’m ready to commission and graduate. I still remember getting my authorship on Oppo freshman year. Slainte my friends.

Opponauts role call  Opponauts role call 

Report If you are TVR sober level or higher.

Well Well

The paint and body look like crap, however it’s clean for the first time in months. But the RPF1s w/ summer tires are back on, and that’s good enough for me right now.

i'm worried i'm worried

There is this random lot of dilapidated cars next to the trail I have to do runs on in the mornings. There was a 2nd Gen Taurus SHO sitting in the lot. I love 2nd Gen Taurus SHOs. Its gone now and I’m worried something bad happened to it. It had a flat tire and busted window. But it was Green with black interior, a…

Fun fact Fun fact

Not only did Mazda give the NA Miata an aluminum hood to save weight, they coated it with a special 2 stage self lightening paint. I can already feel the car getting faster.

Scary's Valentine's evening plans Scary's Valentine's evening plans

Finished some painful International Finance homework. Now I’m going to watch Blade and drink several rum and cokes. Folks have been talking about how the Marvel Black Panther movie is a “first” in several ways, but they forgot about Wesley Snipes killing vampires in Blade I,II,III.

playing chords and breaking boards

Sober level: TVR Chimaera Sober level: TVR Chimaera

I don’t have any Chimera pics on my phone so here’s a gif and cool Vader phone background. Wu Tang is for the kids.

Lexus IS-F engine in a Miata? That would be fun. Finding an engine for sale is pretty easy. Ebay searching tells me they cost around $5k. I can’t find the exact weight of the IS-F engine or Miata engine. But the V8 is all aluminum and with that in the car I wouldn’t be running power steering, AC, or cruise control…

Doug is safe Doug is safe

As are his cars. Philly is on fire. Fly Eagles Fly

Full scale job search has begun  Full scale job search has begun 

Ya know cuz having something to do after graduating and finishing my training stuffs would be a good idea.

May have to get Horizon 3 for Xbox 1 now that its 40% off. I feel like I already know the answer but are there TVRs in it?

Help me Opponauts plz Help me Opponauts plz

I’m trying to find career opportunities in the Motorsports world that are available to me as a Business major. Google searching hasn’t given me any real results. Supply Chain/Logistics is where my interests lie. I’m looking at positions in Rail companies as well but Motorsports is my top choice.

Small victories in the Hairdresser Mobile. Small victories in the Hairdresser Mobile.

Passing a brand new F-150 uphill with the top down was sooooo gratifying. An ambulance driver told me I was being bad ass and I got pulled over because I had a head light out.

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