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Things spotted on google maps. Things spotted on google maps.

Is that a miniature railway serving as someones fence?

Rollin’ Coal Rollin’ Coal

Or what happens when someone forgets to put the burner rings back in place on an oil fired cooker. Easily fixed with this guy:

Corporate BS Translator. Corporate BS Translator.

So this plopped into my inbox this morning. I’ve seen this subject line many times, and it never means a positive change for users.

New Shoes Thursday New Shoes Thursday

Went for the Falken ZE914s in the end, mostly due the type of driving I do, and the road conditions around here.

Minivans? Minivans?

Sliding rear dors? Pfft. Sliding driver’s doors are where it’s at! Plus this is actually a Mini van, being only three inches longer than an NA MX5.

Unsurprising news of the day. Unsurprising news of the day.

Infiniti is dead in Europe.

Express Delivery Express Delivery

Metro with what appears to be a Twin Turbo LS. Looks like a complete body swap. Bet that shifts well, though I’m not sure of the practicality.

So much winning.

A big blow to Swindon. Workers at BMW are probably worrying too. 

Looks like there might be another U.K. Airline on the brink. (Now confirmed) Looks like there might be another U.K. Airline on the brink. (Now confirmed)

BMI Regional, which in some ways is the last piece of the British Midland group, with it’s origins dating back to 1938 appears to be the latest U.K. airline to run into problems. Flights canceled and aircraft returning empty to Norwich, a common location for storage. Nothing official yet though. Updated just after I…

Sun’s out, Spring is coming! Sun’s out, Spring is coming!

Might need a wash though, and the roof now really needs replacing. Need to get that booked in before the guy gets busy.

Safety is job number 478,896 Safety is job number 478,896

I I wonder what that fuse is rated at?

Pheasant Vs MR2 Pheasant Vs MR2

MR2 came off somewhat better than the pheasant did.

Off to pastures new. Off to pastures new.

Veteran of two (and a bit) Oppomeets, approx 50,000 miles covered in just under five years. Only needed recovering once with a snapped clutch cable.

Procrastinating  Procrastinating 

After nearly 10 years of being self employed I’m writing my first British CV/Resume. Frankly I preferred doing the much dryer German formatted one.

Google is watching. Google is watching.

Something I found interesting, it appears that google is using OCR in it’s image searches. I’ve only noticed it recently (searching for something that I now can’t remember). 

Here I go again on my Drone.

Hopefully it gets sorted out quickly this time.

No going back now! No going back now!

Luckily the arch profile is still good enough to use, so it’s mostly flat steel. Should be simple, at least all the filler has gone.

Merry $Festival Oppo! Merry $Festival Oppo!

You’ll find me in front of the fire. No reason to move.

What a difference from last year. What a difference from last year.

Both from around the 10th of December. That wasn’t the worst of it for the season either. Roads are a sea of mud though, hence the filth.

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