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Got a zombie star this evening from a 2-year old post. Usually, those come from the FP reposting an old article, usually on a holiday or special occasion, and then new people read through the old comments.

Family game night.  Family game night. 

Next up is Jenga..

Need to destroy someone? Need to destroy someone?

I was just followed by “Sara L. Horton”. Sara appears to be a normal looking white gal, but she’s really a practitioner of black magic. Her profile says,

Second lives for aircraft Second lives for aircraft

I watched a show last night with my daughter about owners of unusual homes around the world. One of them was this man, Bruce Campbell, who lives in an old 727 he bought and put on a lot.

WT actual F? WT actual F?

I jump on here for the first time today and run through the most recent posts. People are complaining about the loss of body text ant the bar at the top, but what hit me is this:

Parenting and social media

Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, Youtube, there are so many social media platforms that our kids want to be on these days.  for those of you who have kids old enough to engage, what do you allow them to do?  How do monitor and protect them?

An unexpected misadventure An unexpected misadventure

I had to take Genie to the Kia dealer this morning. She began spouting coolant into my engine and smoking. The verdict is a blown water pump. Fortunately, it will only be $50 under warranty. Unfortunately, there are none in the US. One will have to be shipped.

About those speed bumps

As I posted earlier, my HOA is planning to put in speed bumps in our neighborhood. The email debate has been raging all day, and the drama level is increasing as people get more emotional. I don’t like speed bumps, but this is all making me want to find out what is really known about how these affect cars and…

Neighborhood crisis Neighborhood crisis

Our newly elected HOA officers just announced by email that they will be having speed humps installed in our community to help enforce the 15 mph limit. This has started a huge back and forth over the ether over the last 12 hours.

I'm getting my hackles up about this, and I shouldn't be

I’m reading a post over on The Takeout, and a commenter says this:

Help! Help!

The birthday party is LOUD. I’ve got 15+ 7th graders running amok in one house. Some of the boys went out on the cul de sac and started ringing neighbor’s door bells. I had to go out and put the kibosh on that. I told them to get inside or they’d find my tire tracks on their backs (wheelchair, not car; I’m not…

So about this 10 year challenge thing So about this 10 year challenge thing

I came across this article in Wired yesterday proposing that this meme is a way to get people to volunteer data for facial recognition algorithms. It’s worth a read. Regardless of what you think about the article, and I think it’s just an entertaining read, I remain in the camp that says it’s best to avoid putting…

A mystery A mystery

This piece of my passenger rear door handle broke off over the holiday sometime in the week after Christmas. I didn’t notice when because I don’t go to that side a lot. My nephew brought it to my attention at laser tag.

Online with AT&T right now  Online with AT&T right now 

UPDATE: Cynthia is ready to close me out with a price for internet only of $109/month plus taxes and fees. Not so fast. I am on the website and see that the regular price for my internet package is $100/month. She tells me that is the current price for my service, but I started service at a point in the past when…

Indy auto show Indy auto show

First of all, it was dinky. Much smaller than I remember in years past. Some obvious makes weren’t even there, like Cadillac or genesis. Still, I found enough to entertain myself for the $7 price  

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