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Maybe now I really have seen everything

This does not seem like a good idea though.

Cute and cheap Cute and cheap

At the work garage. Elantra GT. Good color. Practical. It occurs to me this would be a good first car for a girl like mine when the time comes.

I declare this a Christmas season protest theme day I declare this a Christmas season protest theme day

Put on the radio on my drive to work. Like SavetheIntegras, I heard my first Christmas song, “Let It Snow”. STAR 102.9 just went into its 24/7 Christmas music period.

What’s wrong in this picture? What’s wrong in this picture?

I’m at the Y for a swim clinic.

Enjoy your Halloween  Enjoy your Halloween 

It’s not like it’s brain surgery.

Happy Halloween from Sammy Terry... Happy Halloween from Sammy Terry...

...for the admittedly few of us who know and remember the Friday night movie host.

Oppopinion, Halloween edition Oppopinion, Halloween edition

Which candy is more disgusting, circus peanuts or candy corn?

Introducing the Toyota Texan Introducing the Toyota Texan

No really, that’s what it said.

I heard some of you like trucks I heard some of you like trucks

So here’s one that lives near me.

Somebody should warn Stef Somebody should warn Stef

Arby’s may not be especially safe for a certain Puffalump soon.

Send help Send help

This is the meeting I am in.

Working on a pitch to Netflix Working on a pitch to Netflix

We all know how the Castaways were eventually rescued from Gilligan’s Island after all those years and had to reintegrate into society. Those TV specials have been done. But what if...

Seen today Seen today

The BMW I’ve seen often. It’s usually out, which makes me think it’s driven daily, or at least often. I never got a peek at what’s behind it before. That really interests me.

Web browser hijacked! [UPDATE] Web browser hijacked! [UPDATE]

Update: Thanks to everyone who chimed in with suggestions. You guys are the best. I installed Malwarebytes at the recommendation of token_liberal and Galileo Humpkins and ran a scan. The scan found an adware file in my Application Support Library called “YahooEngine.xml”, as well as four other adware files. I…

Dear Nibby,

Have at it.

The (cheap) Stingers are coming!

All this Musk indictment business has drowned out the real news of the day! Kia Stingers are coming down in price. All us fanboys are gonna run out and get one now, right?

Seen at work Seen at work

Hadn’t seen a convertible in person before this. I like it. Not sure about the wheels though.

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