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It's Minivan time!!! A very unoppo purchase ahead. It's Minivan time!!! A very unoppo purchase ahead.

Save your breath wangon and suv people we are getting a new minivan and we’ve decided the Honda will be the one. 2019 EX-L navigation rear entertainment package. I really like it. Wish the Pacifica’s weren’t a pos because I could get a ton more features for the money but we had one break down on a 2 mile test drive.. …

This thing rocks! This thing rocks!

I don’t see these old Volvos very often. I always forget how pretty they are. Wish I could drive one. Sweet color too!

Just watched the new MCM Just watched the new MCM

Great video but they mentioned a B.L.A.T. (bacon, lettuce, avacado, tomato) and that set me off. Behold the B.E.A.S.T. = Bacon, egg, avacado, spinach, tomato with mayo on itialian bread seasoned with sea salt and pepper. It was amazing. A nice classic Mustang seen while at the 1k islands posted below too.

Work? Work?

Aint nobody got time for that! I’m up I’m the thousand islands of NY/Canada on vaca and for the 1st time ever in this area I have cell signal! This is both good and bad. Works after me (I’m ignoring them) but at least I can browse OPPO on my down time!

Goodnight oppo Goodnight oppo

This is a family members death trap of a dump truck. Last time I rode in it was in 1996-8ish and it was beat to hell and scary then. I was super surprised to see that it still existed let alone was still in use hauling and dumping. I was going to take a pic under the hood but it doesn’t open...

This is a nice combo  This is a nice combo 

The paint/ ground effects/ wheels made this z really stand out. 10/10 would hoon.

Honda 600 Honda 600

I’ve posted about this car before but was passing it again and couldn’t help but check it out. Bonus Scorpion and Land Rover.

The promaster is back at it's home away from home  The promaster is back at it's home away from home 

For the cel that came on 75 miles after the $4k+ repair earlier this week. Got a Joop rental 2018 Sahara Edition. Only did 10 miles so far but wow what a unique automobile. I will be testing trail worthiness asap.

Fireworks are ready but the rain is coming... Fireworks are ready but the rain is coming...

Ah well drink beer and be happy. Drone shot of the advancing doom.

Promasters back Promasters back

Got the promaster back. 2 hours and 90 miles later my orange glowing friend came back.

Promaster is still down. Promaster is still down.

Day 14. Still have the q50, I’ve put over 2000 miles on it. Aside from the extreme loss of power anytime the ambient temperature rises above 90 the car is ok at best. Taking advantage and doing an impromptu trip to the NC Outer Banks in the morning for an overnight with the kids. For those who care the 3.0tt makes…

Promaster update Promaster update

It needs all the monies. Forgot to take a pic but I got to see the broken cam shaft today and it was ugly. The great news is more problems now the side door will not open at all (yes the same side door that completely fell off a year ago). They are adding it to the list but for now my tools are hostage. Fun times

Promaster Life Promaster Life

She’s been dead a week now forgot to tell OPPO. It dropped cylinder 5. Broken valves and trashed the cam shaft. I guess 13k in repairs in the last 20 months wasn’t enough. Got an infiniti Q50 3.0T. Been fun I’ll write about it later.

Hour Drool Hour Drool

And before we bother to mention his parking lets remember he’s already had his day in oppo court. 99% sure it’s the same person as the cars seem to flip flop but always park in the same spot. We named him Asshat Management.

Woke up saying how productive I'm going to be around the house. Woke up saying how productive I'm going to be around the house.

Immediately called into work...Extra minty fresh Type R for Tuesday.

And that my OPPO friends  And that my OPPO friends 

Is the correct bacon to pancake ratio. As per cbell’s norm I make breakfast in the middle of the night so I can wake up and serve the fam with minimal effort. I’ll make some omelettes in the morn too. Fyi all that bacon will not be consumed in the am. Glorious blt’s will be had for a couple days.

Found On Road Driving Found On Road Driving

I keep seeing old fords. Maybe it’s time we change that “found on road dead” saying. Is this a Maverick? It was certainly loved by someone to keep it running and looking pretty good.

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