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Worst pictures at Home Depot Worst pictures at Home Depot

And achievement unlocked! 10k miles in the civic

Really, hotwheels? Really, hotwheels?

This is a guy pushing a shopping cart. Have we run out of ideas? Are there no more cars to make?

Oh God, the FP comment section on the Mary Barra article

I waded in there for a minute and, Jesus Christ, I am depressed.

Ruckus: bring it on! Ruckus: bring it on!

Unmolested crx si: $2500

Looks real nice

Dumbest thing I've seen in a while

So when I got home this morning there was a newish X5 with its hazards on, with a mom and 6 year old (?) outside, mom on phone, upset. She avoided eye contact with me, so ok, you don’t need help. Later I see her lugging a 5 gallon jug of gas from the station 3 blocks away. So first, she ran out of gas. Then, instead…

Do you want a structure fire? Do you want a structure fire?

because that’s how you get a structure fire

Help rehabbing a radio flyer Help rehabbing a radio flyer

My wife found a radio flyer wagon for me to rehab. Hurray!

Efficiency? Nah, don't care for it. Efficiency? Nah, don't care for it.

I’ve seen this wagon around town multiple times, always with this ungainly (but color matched!) box on top. I can’t imagine that it’s aerodynamic. There’s got to be a better one out there. There was nothing in the truck.

DOTS: Walmart DOTS: Walmart

Those intakes tho

Lowered Ridgeline spotted

No pics because running, but I saw a Ridgeline with the chrome window surrounds matched to body color, sitting at about the same height as an accord. Don’t hate me guys, but it looked good. Pilotamino. To be honest, even lower would look badass. There, I said it.

FoST owners: Discuss

Someone pointed out earlier that focus st are going cheap, and yeah, listed locally at 18300. My trade in says 14000 max on kbb, so I’m looking at 6k out of pocket. So, convince me. My previous cars were an 2005 Cooper D which I adoreD, and a 2011 GTI with dsg, which I did not. The vw was too fast to enjoy on an…

Almost killed a cyclist Almost killed a cyclist

280zx for your time

Stanceworks in the wild Stanceworks in the wild

Raising kids right, RHD Toyota cruiser edition Raising kids right, RHD Toyota cruiser edition

Saw this right hand drive cruiser at home Depot this morning with two car seats in the back. Someone is doing parenting right.

Great vanity plate

No pic because driving, but the older guy driving an older M5 with the plate STCK-V10: you are awesome! And in DC beltway traffic too.

Chris Cornell sings Whitney Houston Chris Cornell sings Whitney Houston

Not that we need another reason to cry about this, or further proof that he was the goddamn greatest, but here you are. Amazing.

Doggo needs surgery Doggo needs surgery

X-ray says busted ACL ( well, ccl, for canine cruciate ligament). Gonna suck, as we need to figure out where and what method of fixing, but recovery likely to suck. At least we’ll be able to fix her though. She hurts so bad she walks on three legs sometimes.

Size comparison Size comparison

It’s not apples to apples, and that makes it worse. Civic on the left, old Accord coupe on the right. And the interior matches the exterior on the Accord.

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