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Balancing tires and brakes, with performance and lifespan

The miata came with some nice Hankook allseasons, with some good miles left on them. The plan is to run them through this season, destroy them with some autocrosses, then get new, performance oriented tires next year. I need new brakes now, though. If I get an autocross oriented pad like the HP+, will I be outbraking…

First wash and wax for the Miata First wash and wax for the Miata

the thing was filthy. It took a wash, clay bar, second wash, was with a random orbit, then a hand polish. The wheels are still wrecked, and the interior this afternoon, but it cleans up good! Before pic for contrast.

I've joined the Miata club! I've joined the Miata club!

2001 with the sports suspension, bigger brakes, and the torsen differential. 169k for $3600. The driver seat is a little worn. Not ripped yet, bit on its way there. Wheels need refinishing. Will need new brakes soon. Clean car fax, and only very minor issues on the PPI. No rust. I’m super excited. My wife is wonderful…

Carfax anyone?

Edit: never mind, sketchy odometer readings. Pass!

$4500 Miata. Nice price? Car fax?

Looking at this 2002 NB. Brown leather interior, lsd, surface rust (small) on the rockers. Originally posted for 6000, then lowered to 5000 with the caveat of “leaving town”. So I low-balled him, he said he’d rather take it with him for that price, countered with 4500. Willing to do a PPI. Thoughts?

There are good people out there: searching for a Miata

As I’m looking for a Miata, I found one that seemed mechanically sound but rusty. So I called some body shops and eventually got referred to the guys at ProSpeed in Chantilly, VA. Spoke the the receptionist and described what I was looking at, wondering how much replacing the rockers on a Miata would be. Got a call…

Learn me about 2003 MR2

Looking at this one tomorrow. Certainly not interested in paying that much, but got are they? Finding a cheap rust free Miata might be tough. This isn’t cheap, but it is better, or as fun?

What would you pay for this Miata? What would you pay for this Miata?

 Got some rust in some spots. Front bumper has clear coat cracking. Bumper has definitely met another car at some point, but whether or not that’s 20 years of street parking or an accident I don’t know. Clean car fax. It was fun as hell, though.

Truck issues: help! Truck issues: help!

I’ve been having a RPM specific vibration on my V6 Tundra. Right around 1500 rpm I get a shake. Let off the gas or give it more gas, goes away? Thoughts?

Looking at a Miata this afternoon

What do you guys think? Refinsish those wheel, replace if necessary. Get him down a bit in price?

Miata people: na or nb? 

I went and looked at a focus st, and loved it. The back seat might not work for kiddos, since it’s 4 inches smaller than my current car. But if I did, I’d hope to get the price down to trade in + $5000 out of pocket. Well, $5k gets a Miata on Craigslist. So, na or nb? What do I look for? Best Miata I can, or cheap and…

3 needs, how many cars? How would OPPO do it?

Rght now, I have two cars. New, safe boring commuter, beater truck for house stuff. No fun car. 2 kids. How do I do this?

Lambo splits Lambo splits

This happened in an intersection I drive through every other day on my way to work. Drive ok, lambo is not.

Dinner Oppo Dinner Oppo

Chicken Parm with a twist

Flipping coolers, advice needed

I was in home Depot when I saw a guy putting Pelican 20qt coolers on display in the clearance section. Asked him how much, he said $50.03. I grabbed three. The wife had already sold one for $100 (she’s awesome). We could sell at least one more for the same, maybe two. Options are:

What is this Porsche? What is this Porsche?

Best picture I could get. Note the center mounted dual exhaust, in what looks to be a carbon fiber inlay. Is this a Singer?

One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!

lifted Comanche and a corrado in the driveway. Jalop level: advanced.

Getting kids haircut since 10am. Life is hell

So my boy has curly/wavy hair that looks good shaggy (honestly, it looks good always. I’m so jealous. Just give his head a rub and it’s a new, mussed up perfect. Sandy blonde. Not fair). One lady at the local kids place does it well, and he likes her. Don’t mess with something that works with a two year old, right?…

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