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Poor doggo Poor doggo

Non dog Carnage safety image

Window please Window please

Dog, it’s raining, and my phone says it’s 32 degrees. I’m not opening that window

Hey Jeep bro Hey Jeep bro

I got your fender flares right here. Carbon fiber flares, because Mercedes be fancy.

Pushing M to the maximum

This is terrible and amazing all the same time. The three color stitching on the handles, the M spoke wheels. Perfect. But it’s a goddamn stroller.

Stanced, busted, or 12 dead hookers? Stanced, busted, or 12 dead hookers?

Relevant info: neighbor who owns it is 80 year old woman who takes great care of it for her 1 block trips.

Cars at malls Cars at malls

Stopped at the fancy mall for an errand, and it doesn’t get much fancier than this.

190 e cosworth for sale

College Park, md. “Needs work”. 99k miles, just under ten grand. Who’s getting it?

Ghostride the blip: I'm an idiot

So my wife was on the phone and walked into the kitchen, where I was eating lunch. She quickly stopped the conversation, got my attention, and pointed out the window at my car rolling down the street. Unoccupied. Apparently, my dumb ass forgot both the parking brake and to leave it in gear (manual), and off it went.…

What are you doing this morning? What are you doing this morning?

I’m outside reheating the oil from the turkey fryer to make some donuts. A bit chilly, but not too bad.

My tacos bring all the boys to the yard My tacos bring all the boys to the yard

Damn right they’re better then yours

My 4 year old just invented snow tires

We might have a slow leak in one our tires on the truck, so I was telling my wife at dinner we might need new tires (they’re mismatched budget tires, I’m looking for any excuse, really). My 4yo daughter chimes in and says it might snow soon, we should get snow tires. I looked up at my wife and she saw the look of…

Awful parking Awful parking

I mean, come on. You didn’t try. I know it’s Home Depot, but that’s an accord, not some F350

Introducing my truck! Introducing my truck!

I’d been looking for a truck to have around for trips to Home Depot, house projects, all that sort of stuff. More accurately, my wonderful wife has been looking for a truck, and I’d been stupidly saying things like “we don’t really need one”. A little while back I decided to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth, and…

Truck bed rust and refinishing questions Truck bed rust and refinishing questions

So we just got our new to us truck back from the shop, and I’m tackling cosmetic and rust issues. I already detailed the interior. Side note: the chemical guys have an upholstery brush that attached to a drill. Unbelievable. Fantastic results. The dirt that came out was frightening.

Brake brands

I’m in need of new drums and shoes on the truck we bought, and trying to decide what is being price smart and what is cutting corners. A local shop quoted me 500 using Denso parts, the dealer is over 800. I can get cheaper parts off of Rock Auto (centric brand), but are they junk? Any experience with the brand? I…

Ten year old truck maintenance

So I took the plunge and got a ten year old Tundra with 230k miles and a misfire for cheap. It took two mechanics, and senior tech two days to figure it out (after I convinced them it wasn’t likely a head gasket based off how it drove) to figure out it was the 2 and 6 fuel injectors. So I’m having all injectors done,…

Ran Marine Corp marathon this morning, ama

Didn’t hit my goal time, but that’s ok. Training didn’t go perfect, but even if it had, parts of that course where too narrow and bunched up the runners. I was a minute a half off pace for the first 3 miles just on account of crowding.

I'm buying a tundra!

So I found an 06 tundra, 230k miles, v6, listed at $4750. Took it in for a PPI, and it showed a misfire on 3 cylinders. The mechanic said it’s the best looking frame on that era Tundra he’s seen. So we were going to take in to our mechanic to try and diagnose the misfire, and negotiate a price. We also have the option…

Vin Check anyone?

Looking at a 1 owner 06 tundra with 231k for $4750. I really hope this one works out, I’m getting sick of looking for trucks.

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