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I know 100,000km is just a number, but it got me thinking of all the other numbers associated with our adventure together. 3 car accidents, over $10,000CDN in modifications, countless washes and litres of gas. And, most importantly, lots of fun drives, especially the ones with you people. Cheers!

100,000km Drive - (photos) 100,000km Drive - (photos)

Repost for the weekday crowd: My wife and I want 2019 to be a “year of adventure” and so we are trying to get out more. Came down to Northern Washington for a day of walks, shopping, driving and food. More importantly, today my car officially rolled into the 6 digits! What a life we’ve had together since I bought it…

Did a thing. Did a thing.

Finally got an Oppo sticker on the ST. Big drive post to come later. Hitting 100,000km today.

Nice Price or Crack Pipe? Nice Price or Crack Pipe?

I’d kill to trade my Forte for this. I already know my way around a Fiesta and love the colour. Also...air conditioning and heated seats. Dealer price: $14,978CDN/$11298.58USD. Brand new with the 1L Ecoboost.

Upper WA Oppo Upper WA Oppo

I’m likely coming down to La Conner and Anacortes tomorrow. Any suggestions for things to see/do? Keeping in mind it is probably rainy, so walking/hiking around isn’t ideal.

Dashcam DOTS Dump Dashcam DOTS Dump

Hummers, odd pickups I need identified and whatever random junk I find on my journeys.

Another Lap Down Another Lap Down

I’ve completed another lap of the great enduro race of life. 27 years old now, it will be interesting to see what the future brings.

Your Best Mods Your Best Mods

What is the best mod you’ve ever done to one of your cars? Is your preferred mod performance, looks or utility related? Are you a purist who chooses to never change their cars or someone from the “LS swap everything” crowd?

Dad Pix Dad Pix

Photos sent to me from my Dad who is currently offroading in Baja California, Mexico. Meanwhile, I’m sitting at a desk all day.

Oppo Question of the Day: Pure Profit Oppo Question of the Day: Pure Profit

What, in your opinion, is the vehicle that manufactures have made the most profit off? You have to consider testing, R&D, government regulations, etc.

#Svendday #Svendday

First clean with the lights. takes about twice as long to wash and three times as long to detail the front end now. Still no regrets.... Also cleaned the CX-3.

Overland "Badging" - Birthday Gift Help Overland "Badging" - Birthday Gift Help

So, I am aware that it is a trend amongst some offroad/overlanders to put the flags of countries they drive in on their cars. Fine....but the USA, Canada and Mexico are massive and geographically different. You can’t tell me that Texas and Alaska offer the same offroad driving.

Craigslist Temptations - Upper PNW Craigslist Temptations - Upper PNW

Everyone has a weakness. Mine is cars that need a loving owner (and dogs).

Watching over my babies Watching over my babies

Not often the D100 and ST are in the same place. I like seeing it. 

It's Been too Long It's Been too Long

Fired up the Slant 6 for the first time since Christmas day. Took it out for a dusk ride as the fog started to accumulate on the marshes.

Hour and a half to go Hour and a half to go

Almost the weekend, what’s Oppo driving this weekend? I’m planning on the real versions of these two.

Surrey City Hall Surrey City Hall

Night from Surrey City Hall where I am investigating a claim.

Offroad Search - Rising Sun Edition Offroad Search - Rising Sun Edition

I’ve started looking at JDM offroad vehicles. Thinking I may try and take advantage of Canada’s 15 year import rule and my (relative) proximity to the asian market. Good pricing, clean cars and low kilometers.

Offroad Craigslist Offroad Craigslist

Ooooh.. I wonder if they’d take a kia in straight trades....probably not. Two VW/Bombardier iltises(?) for sale nearby. $14,000CDN each

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