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Happy Birthday, RBG!

Yep, he's compromised

The House just voted UNANIMOUSLY—you get that? ALL of them—all the GOP wingnuts—on a motion to make the Mueller report public.

Manafort gets 7.5 yrs total, and then is immediately indicted by the Manhattan DA's office.

Amy Jackson Berman did take the time to prick every balloon that the other judge left out there about Manafort leading a good life, but in the end, he gets a total of 7.5 yrs both sentences to run concurrently.

They're coming for you Eric

Y’all, this is the best takedown of a treason weasel today (and that includes Tucker Carlson).    The audience at this interview is literally laughing as he tries to lie his way out of it.

Chelsea Manning Jailed

Why do I think today is going to be a crazy bad news day?

Manafort receives 47 freaking months

Ellis said that he thinks the sentencing guidelines are “excessive”.

Cohen sues the Trump Organization

Well this takes balls.

Mid-day OT

I had an early appointment today and I just got home and my power was out. I called to report it and it was an area-wide thing and they had it back up in like 1/2 an hour. We are on a little local power company and I swear, they are just sooooo good. We rarely have outages and when we do it is always fixed quickly.

Cohen speaks!

So we begin today’s hearing with the Republicans trying to postpone the hearing. Democrats vote to continue. Cummings is IN CHARGE.

Mueller Report will not be submitted next week

Thank god someone is talking. I’m so freaking tired of the news hashing this over and over—Will Barr release the whole report to Congress and the public—OVER AND OVER.

I'm with Fred.   Or OT---

It is sad that yesterday wasn’t Valentines Day first in my mind—but rather I spent the day listening to lies on the news about our new “emergency” and along with Nancy Pelosi, thinking about the real emergencies we have that are not being addressed. It isn’t about them, but because Parkland happened on Valentines Day,…

Negotiators say they've reached an agreement

Of course they’ve agreed to give Trump LESS for the wall than he’s already refused to take, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work.

Supreme Court Blocks Louisiana Abortion Restrictions

I know tomorrow is going to be a big news day what with Bezo’s Pecker pics,  Whittaker’s flop sweat on the hill.....but I certainly hope the press is ALL OVER SUSAN COLLINS ass asking her how she feels about Kavanaugh’s vote on this.

Stacey Abrams will give the Democratic Response to the SOTU 

I’m good with that--she’s a very good speaker!

Shutdown news:  UPDATED again-Trump will sign 3-week CR to re-open the govt.    Senate will take it up immediately. Shutdown news:  UPDATED again-Trump will sign 3-week CR to re-open the govt.    Senate will take it up immediately.

Multiple airports experiencing Air Traffic Controller shortages because ATC’s are working 10 hr days 6 days a week for no pay, then taking another job to make money. They are required to call in sick if they are fatigued.

FBI arrests Roger Stone  Updated: they let him out on a signature bond!

This is just breaking. FBI arrests Roger Stone—-no opportunity to come in on his own—-CNN has recording of them pounding on his door at 5 am—-lots of charges of him lying to the SC——charges say they have proof he was indeed being in formal contact of the campaign—his contact with Wikileaks, campaign communications…

Schumer and McConnell behind closed doors--possible agreement?????

So the two bills —-Trump’s bill, the GOP bill failed the votes —altho 6 GOP senators voted with the Democrats.

Cohen postpones testimony

Michael Cohen is postponing his February testimony stating that his family is being intimidated by threats from Trump and Guiliani.

Ari Melber is so good at this--"Low Stamina President"

Maybe Trump can “donate” his first quarter salaries to one of the charities who are feeding the people he’s not paying to work for the government.

Pelosi's next move

And it’s a good one. She’s postponed the State of the Union, citing the extra resources and security that are needed for such a big event, and with the Trump shut-down, it would be inappropriate to hold it until the government is open again.

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