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Dots Dots

Diablo VT Roadster at Cheveron

Shut it Down

We can turn off OPPO and Kinja all together.

Winning at Life

Here is the video

Going Crazy Going Crazy

I physically can’t stop looking at classifieds for TVRs and watching Youtube videos....

I Have an Infection  I Have an Infection 

Of the worst kind, the scratch you can’t itch.

Right Hand Drive Right Hand Drive

Is really easy to drive. And I got to find this out by being lucky enough to be given a chance to drive a TVR Chimera. Yes I am writing this from the grave. But seriously it was surprisingly intuitive even with still driving on the right side of the road it was easy to handle and shifting with your left hand instead…

When Your Car is in a Movie

I never said it was a good movie....

80'S Want 80'S Want

I wish I had these graphics on my 928


Stolen from the FP, this Porsche Panamericana concept car has tires with the Porsche crest as part of the tread!!

Today: 240 Today: 240

It is the 240th day today, that means celebrate the great Datsun 240Z!!!

Used Car Lots Used Car Lots

Found at the used car lot next to my work, they said $100,000. V8 with an automatic.

Drive or Restore Drive or Restore

Via the FP


I saw this on the FP

Amazing Friend Amazing Friend

So a some really good friends of mine are having relationship issues and I have been trying to help them figure out things. Even after 11 years of marriage they have issues and I am always happy to help. The wife talks to me more than the husband, but that’s just because guys talk less etc. Anyway the other day we…

Fun Facts Fun Facts

So as you may know I am going to sell my GTO and buy a 1940 Packard One Ten Touring Sedan Jr. (I believe the Jr. refers to it being smaller than the one twenty, I know it is weird).

Broken Hearted Broken Hearted

*UPDATE and repost for morning crowd*

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