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About par for today About par for today

Today is fucking shit and it isn’t even noon yet.

City Skylines City Skylines

It was on sale with all the attachments (other than the radios) so I bought it. Apparently my work computer can not handle the game and run work stuff too... Quite disappointing.

Stupid Import Ban Stupid Import Ban

I don’t want to wait till 2028. This is the perfect TVR for me

What is for Dinner Oppo? What is for Dinner Oppo?

Tri Tip Nachos and Whiskey Gingers

Question Question

We have Pacific Northwest Oppos right?

Saturday at Work (updated) Saturday at Work (updated)

Is so boring and useless. Usually I sit here and catch up on YouTube and read some books. Today is different.

Next Vehicle Next Vehicle

It isn’t in the books right now, but after the GTO is paid off in 2 years, the next vehicle I buy will be a Corvette C6 Z06. My love for this car comes from the Pratt & Miller C6.R GT1. The 7.0L monster sounded like the Devil skull fucking a demon in the most hardcore BDSM porn in the universe.

The More You Know The More You Know

There is a lot of Amtrak line getting refreshed here on the coast and we were wondering how it’s done.

Damn you BaT Damn you BaT

Thankfully it is a BN4 and not a BN6. Otherwise my GTO might be for sale. Ugh

Things are Expensive 

Is currently listed for £89,950 or 125087.17 freedom units

Next Chapter? Updated Next Chapter? Updated

Well Oppo, I applied for an opening with Toyota Motorsports GmbH....

Lend a Few Bucks? Lend a Few Bucks?

Cause I could use a new car

What's for Dinner Oppo? What's for Dinner Oppo?

Here we have a nice Santa Maria style tri tip (rare to medium rare as god intended), Butternut squash ravioli, salad, rosemary bread with basil olive oil and white peach vinegar, and topped off with a whiskey ginger.

Tips Tips

Look at my glorious tips OPPO

Mudslides Mudslides

The mudslides here in CA have claimed at least 6 lives now. Just heard they pulled two people alive from the mud. It is a huge disaster especially to all the people who just missed having their lives ruined from fire, now their lives are being ruined from much needed rain...

Watchlopnik Watchlopnik

Hey Oppo, I have been looking for a new watch to go with my new driving gloves (which I realized I never posted here) and This is what I have come up with.

Happy 009 Happy 009

Enjoy my favorite 009 car

Secret Senna  Secret Senna 

Sorry for the late mailing. You should see it in 3-5 days because across the country.

I Must Be Tired I Must Be Tired

*personal buffer*

Low Point Low Point

I just had to explain to one of my techs what Parallel means....

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