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Hour Rule Hour Rule

Trying to stay Kool on this hot summer day... Oh, and it’s Teutonic Tuesday!

Is it just me... Is it just me...

...or does the new Johnny Lightning Honda CRX have waaaaaaaaay too much wheel gap in the rear?? It looks like those raked out muscle car wannabes or something. Is mine just an error, or are they all made like this?

LaLeMans: Corvette Racing LaLeMans: Corvette Racing

The C7.R we never got, but the C7.R we deserved. The mainline Le Mans liveried body, with some details added, and base swapped with the fixed base and Real Riders from the first Forza Replica Entertainment series.

Major 240Z news Major 240Z news

The results were tallied and the design was finalized. The RLC Selections car for 2018 is going to be this amazing Fairlady Z. Complete with opening hood, detailed engine, and even a detailed floorboard! This will be available to RLC members starting on Monday 06/11.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

#frontendfriday #falkenfriday


As seen in it’s natural habitat, the Wal-Mart parking lot. Apparently this thing is 1 of 50 as well?

Happy 5/10 Day!!! Happy 5/10 Day!!!

It’s been a busy day, and I almost forgot to post a pic. So here’s my last minute improv!

Street Parked Street Parked

One more of the Hako. I can’t get enough of this thing.

NISMOnday: ToyCon Skyline NISMOnday: ToyCon Skyline

I decided to play around with the light tent a little more tonight. I’ve been staring at this ToyCon M2 Skyline on my shelf for a while and finally decided I had to let him free. Viva la DLM!!!! All of these were shot and edited on my phone this time though. No fancy DSLR. I think they turned out pretty well, if I do…

Maroon Minivan at Midnight Maroon Minivan at Midnight

Let’s try this again. Hopefully Kinja won’t eat my pictures. Here are my first attempts at taking decent pics using a light tent. I can already see I need to work on my zoom/focus to make more of the car visible and not blurry. And the edits might be a bit much with the saturation and brightness, but I like bright and…

Minivan Monday: The Odyssey Minivan Monday: The Odyssey

Just some test images using my new light tent. These are all unedited, so bear with me. I’ll do some editing tonight and hopefully make them look a little better.

Biggest Diecast Ripoff Biggest Diecast Ripoff

I was flipping through an issue of Motor Trend when I cam across this add for a 1/18 2014 Corvette. The model doesn’t look too fancy, especially to be featured with such a lofty headline. Upon closer inspection of the fine print, my initial thought is confirmed...

Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!


"What kind of park is this?" "What kind of park is this?"

I feel like something’s a little off here...

Lunchtime HAWLage Lunchtime HAWLage

After a very helpful tip from samanosuke817 about the Jurassic Park legacy cars only being at Target, I made a quick trip there on my lunch break. Sure enough, there they were! I’m so excited for these because Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

"Life, uh..., finds a way." "Life, uh..., finds a way."

Shhhh, yes, I know the quote is from the first movie, and these aren’t. But I couldn’t not use the quote, right? Anyways, found these at Wal-Mart today. Got a couple spares of each if anyone needs them.

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