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Teutonic Tuesday: Magnus Walker Edition Teutonic Tuesday: Magnus Walker Edition

A few weeks back, I saw on Instagram that Urban Outlaw was offering a free UO edition Hot Wheels car from their upcoming 2018 releases (VW Kafer Racer or Mini Cooper). I had already been browsing their shirts and just hadn’t actually placed an order yet. So the timing was perfect.

ISO: K-Day Spares ISO: K-Day Spares

Does anyone have any spares from K-Day? The only K-Mart within 3 hours of me closed, so I missed out on the event. I’d love to trade for any spares. Mainly looking for the RX-7s, Integra, Fairlady Z, and Golf. Not sure what all the K-Day exclusives were though, so i might be interested in whatever those are too. Pic…

Very Unexpected: Two Supers In Two Weeks Very Unexpected: Two Supers In Two Weeks

Just as many of you do, I check BrickSeek quite often to see when my local Target and WalMart get in their latest shipments of various diecasts. This helps me quite often in being able to snag some of whatever the most desirable releases are before they all get magically transported to eBay stores or the flea market…

Low Production, High Mileage: NP or CP? Low Production, High Mileage: NP or CP?

I happened to drive past this little used car dealership the other day and saw this gem sitting out front. The price is amazing for a Marauder, especially considering it’s a one-owner. But it’s got 227k miles on it. I know when speaking in general terms of the Panther platform, that’s nothing. My ‘97 Vic LX has 243k…

Forza Club? Forza Club?

Would someone please be so kind as to add me back to the LaLD club in Forza? I was in it for a little while and then got booted somehow, and have just forgotten to ask to be added back in, lol. I would greatly appreciate it!

Hour And A Half Rule: Slow Day Hour And A Half Rule: Slow Day

Looks like I was the slow one this morning. Only one missing was the Camaro, so I might have missed out on a raw... Oh well. I got a full set of the regulars at least, so I’m happy with that!

Anybody Here Play Rocket League On XBOne? Anybody Here Play Rocket League On XBOne?

Got it as a free rental from RedBox one night and I really enjoy it. I did decently against the PC, but got destroyed in online play. If anyone on here wants to play a match / give me some pointers on how to be decent at this, feel free to hit me up on there later tonight. GT: chriscamh3

Paging Noodles: Idea For Next Custom Limo? Paging Noodles: Idea For Next Custom Limo?

Found this on ebay. Seemed like something that’d be right up your alley for a build!

To Straight Pipe, or Not To Straight Pipe? To Straight Pipe, or Not To Straight Pipe?

A buddy of mine suggested I straight pipe the Crown Vic instead of wasting money on better mufflers and high-flow cats and such. After a little research, I read a few things saying that straight pipes can actually cause you to loose power because it releases all of the back-pressure. Is there any actual truth to the…

Car Audio Recommendations Car Audio Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a good head unit and good speakers for the Crown Vic. The factory speakers and head unit all work just fine. But being a ‘97, I have to use a tape deck aux input to play anything from my phone, and I want a little more bass out of the speakers.

Morning Hunting And HAWLage Morning Hunting And HAWLage

If you’ve ever read my full screenname, you’ll know I’m a big Nissan guy. So when M2 announced their Auto-Japan series, obviously I go excited. I don’t normally collect M2, so this was a nice way to add some to my collection.

GOOD NEWS: Forza Motorsport 7 Pre-Order Diecast!!!! GOOD NEWS: Forza Motorsport 7 Pre-Order Diecast!!!!

GameStop is at it again! They’re including a 1/43 diecast model of the cover car as a pre-order bonus for the game! If you haven’t seen the cover of the game, or watched the E3 video where they unveiled the real-life version of the car, the car I’m referring to is the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The picture above is just…

LALD PSA: F1's Are At Toys R Us!!! LALD PSA: F1's Are At Toys R Us!!!

That’s right folks! The McLaren F1 is finally out and hitting TRU stores everywhere! The Bell King found some at his local store and gave me the heads up (thanks TBK!). So of course I hurried off and checked my local store on my lunch break, and managed to snag two of them! One to keep carded, and one to immediately…

The Hunt / Trade Bait The Hunt / Trade Bait

I’m currently on vacation and came across the Missile Command Fast Gassin’ from the Atari Pop Culture Series. After seeing the other cars in the series, I REALLY want the Atari 2600 GMC Motorhome. If anyone has one they’d be willing to let go, I’d love to trade for it. As trade bait, I have another GMC Motorhome; the…

Afternoon Humor Afternoon Humor

Schindler’s Lift.

Target Lunch Break FTW!!!!! Target Lunch Break FTW!!!!!

The hunt for M case stuff continues, but I’ll take this as a consolation prize! The Camaro TH was the only one found on the pegs. I asked an employee if they had any new stuff in the back and he brought out an opened, half-empty L case. Not expecting anything, I opened it up and BOOM: Arrow Dynamic TH and Chevelle…

Mk6 vs. Mk7 GTI? Mk6 vs. Mk7 GTI?

It finally happened. I got promoted. It’s been a long story of trials and corporate beaurocracy b/s to get here, but it is here at last. And the whole saga of frustration of previous positions I didn’t get is kind of a blessing in the disguise. This promotion is supposed to be way more of an increase for me compared…

Father's Day HAWL Father's Day HAWL

Thanks to my kids wanting to go to Toys R Us, I got in a nice Father’s Day HAWL, including my second ever Green Machine!!! And a TRU exclusive one to boot!!! As cool as it was to find though, it doesn’t really fit in my collection. So I’ve got it up for sale in the LaLD marketplace. If you’re interested, just let me…

Maisto Macca Monday Maisto Macca Monday

I teased it for a week, but here it is finally! My new (to me) 1/18 1993 McLaren F1 road car by Maisto. I don’t get to dip in to the 1/18 scale too often given their typical high price and size contrasting my current lack of storage/display space and diecast budget. But the bug bit me a few weeks back while on…

Another Teaser Another Teaser

My latest ebay purchase arrived last night. Here’s another teaser. The wheel should give this one away easy...

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