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One of benefits of working from home One of benefits of working from home

I can pop out to the garage and pull a drain plug, work for awhile then spin off the old filter. Then when I am attending a WebEx I don’t have anything particular to add I can spin on a new filter, fumoto valve and fill the oil.

Paging ImmoralMinority Paging ImmoralMinority

Doesn’t Toby deserve a sidecar?

Spent a bunch of my bonus on car parts!

Sadly they aren’t exciting parts.

That feeling when  That feeling when 

that worrying new rattle is from not clipping the sun visor in place, and the dead usb port is fixed by popping off the faceplate and resetting the head unit.

Inspired by ttyymmnn's post Inspired by ttyymmnn's post

I went looking for a Lincoln v12 for my Model A and found this stunning example with a manual. Hat tip to fintail for the actual ad.

This is an interesting CL listing This is an interesting CL listing

One snowbank for sale. Also, is this even legal?

Opponaughts, how's your morning? Opponaughts, how's your morning?

Wife’s car wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t shift into neutral. Had to jump it through the side door stringing two jumper cables.

Forest found a friend. Forest found a friend.

Looks like exactly the same options. I’ve seen sports with different wheels and stereos.

A/C making noise. A/C making noise.

Looks like lots of clutch material blasted around here.

New puke tank for Rat-L-Trap New puke tank for Rat-L-Trap

This is the tank currently installed. It. Is perfectly functional and in no need of replacing. But it is not rat rod af.

View from my office today. View from my office today.

Putting a puke tank in Rat-L-Trap because it already had a functional one.

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