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a lil help from the higher ups

i had to get a replacement phone and unfortunately a back up save became corrupted and i lost my burner code. i have started a new acount but need to be re-approved on this page. how do i go about doing that?

A lil update  A lil update 

Did a lil touch up paint to the wrecked Crown Vic.

I finally got it! I finally got it!

This lil VW samba bus had been passed around and raffled several times at a local die cast show/meeting and I’d been trying to win it. Either I wouldn’t get called or called right after some one picked it. Well last night I finally got it! I know I could have gotten one at the store but this was the one I wanted cause…

Slightly used 2008 Crown Vic  Slightly used 2008 Crown Vic 

Is for sale via Matchbox transit.

I couldn't leave it as it was  I couldn't leave it as it was 

The lil 29 Ford truck got re-worked chopped roof and more level body on frame

Forza Friday once again  Forza Friday once again 

And with the new Hot Wheels DLC this can happen

It was a good night! It was a good night!

No supers but a couple of regs the new batch of zamacs and 8 VW pickups! Not too bad I must say.

Almost missed this! Almost missed this!

Not in the way of store almost closing or a late re-stock no by a rude “collector” who just couldn’t wait. In the collecting world there is a slight code or ethics that should be followed and that’s wait your turn or ask politely if you can look to. Well this guy who walked in on not 1 not 2 but 3 other collecter just…

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC

Is now out! As part of the festival expansion pass or it’s own separate DLC it’s not to be missed!

Wicked rat rod WIP  Wicked rat rod WIP 

The inspiration just hit me!

Another VW T2 pickup update Another VW T2 pickup update

Just a reminder of what it looked like:

Making it better! Making it better!

Shaved off that ugly bumper scoop thing on the front.

Oh boy... Oh boy...

I can’t do it....I won’t do it!

Some thrift store pick ups  Some thrift store pick ups 

Not much but a couple lil things out of a 25cent bin

It's Forza Friday  It's Forza Friday 

And today’s car of choice is the new barn find 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster

1 stop shopping! 1 stop shopping!

Hit a toys r us and found not 1 but 2 M2 chases!

An interesting find tonight  An interesting find tonight 

Looks like stores are now able to officially put out Cars 3 items (a couple Kroger stores jumped the gun a few weeks ago) and while looking at the Deluxe models one stood out to me.

I broke one of my rules  I broke one of my rules 

That’s don’t open something till you have spares!

Just the right size Just the right size

Saturday I had picked up some lose cars including the JL Dew truck I also got a couple Malibu VW bugs and they are just the right size to the Dew truck

Do the Dew! Do the Dew!

2000 Johnny Lightning TRUE GRIT International beverage delivery truck

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