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Pics from Indycar testing yesterday

I I took the day off and drove up to Austin for the test session yesterday since access was free with my race tickets. Other than strong wind it was a perfect day, and once again great fan access as always with the IndyCar Series.

10 year challenge 10 year challenge

I upgraded

Poll: Silver or Gold Poll: Silver or Gold

Oppos need your honest opinion on these wheels. One of these has a lead time in my size, the other is available, let me know which you like better. Car is white.

My new beater My new beater

I’ve been looking for a beater watch for awhile for camping and outside work as well as field visits for work. Did not really want a G Shock as I think they’re just too big now, picked up this Seiko SKX007 diver from A***zon for $200 and am wondering why I didn’t get one sooner. It’s already running pretty good for…

Roadkill casualty Roadkill casualty

I fought the hog and the hog won. My S4 was the victim of a Javelina (a wild hog native to Texas) after cresting a rise Sunday night after doing some driving in the Davis Mountains earlier in the afternoon.

Autocross in the rain Autocross in the rain

Is better than no Autocross at all. This is from the weekend before last and just now getting around to posting. My cleanest run is here:


If you didn’t already know

F1 back to ESPN!

Petition to bring back Varsha

Costco strikes again Costco strikes again

Scored a R8 V10 Plus for $13.99 today, most of what they had were Vettes and muscle cars. Putting it away til Christmas for my son

Luftgekuhlt 4 and Petersen Museum

My dad and I made a road trip to LA last week for Luftgekuhlt and other car culture type things. Here’s my Flickr gallery, scattered throughout are some pics of my dad w/ Chad McQueen, Tommy Kendall, Magnus Walker and Justin Bell. Saw Jerry Seinfeld and Spike Feresten, I was about to walk up and talk to Spike when…

Texas World Speedway Autocross Texas World Speedway Autocross

With the perpetual threat of TWS closing I figured it was time I go there to run my car.

Pinewood Derby Pinewood Derby

My Lotus 56 got 2nd in the adult class but they only gave a trophy for first, my son didn’t place but got best paint job on his car, I showed him how to do masking with it for his stripe and wondows

Fire the guy in charge of updating the graphics Fire the guy in charge of updating the graphics

Pretty sure that’s not a DPi.....

AutoArt 1/18 Miura SV and 911 GT3 RSR AutoArt 1/18 Miura SV and 911 GT3 RSR

Picked these up with some Amazon gift cards I had. Impressed with both so far.

Replicarz 1977 Foyt Coyote Replicarz 1977 Foyt Coyote

I know this belongs on LALD but it’s too cool not to share. Ordered this from Replicarz awhile back and finally received it today, the 1977 Indy 500 winning Coyote of A.J. Foyt. It’s a bit nicer than the Tonka car I had when I was 4.

Autocross on a road course, part III Autocross on a road course, part III

Third time going to Grandsport Speedway in Hitchcock, Texas, this time with the Lone Star Region PCA. It was a fun fast layout and my best was 52.7 sec, results haven’t been updated so don’t know what FTD was, I ran in an Audi only group and was second to a V10 R8 but I had a blast.

Mustangs + Coffee and Cars=Bad Mustangs + Coffee and Cars=Bad

This time in Houston. Shelby GT350. I’m guessing they will be looking for yet another venue after this

Lone Star Le Mans pics Lone Star Le Mans pics

Finally got around to editing my pics, just in time for Petit Le Mans. Pic of the Turner Mororsports models for your time, pics are in the Flickr gallery below.

Cars and Coffee - Houston Cars and Coffee - Houston

It’s about the cars you don’t see everyday, right?

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