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///May: The worst BMW model money can buy... ///May: The worst BMW model money can buy...

...Is this BMW 745i by Motormax.

I did a thing. I did a thing.

I’m trying to not ruin a car for a change but those VW standard 15s looked like trash. The Audi rep wheels look great and I wrapped them in Falken Alzenis 225/40/18 tires so they give a bit more confidence in the corners than the marshmellow 195/65/15 Continental Pure Contact tires.

///May BMW 3.0 CSL ///May BMW 3.0 CSL

Mainline by Tomica

Stump update (paging SN210) Stump update (paging SN210)

After a week of dreary weather and fairly constant rain some fungi has overrun my photo studio! ///Mushrooms

For HWEP or Sale For HWEP or Sale

M2 Machines Patriot release chase Chevy wagon. I’m looking for the MBX GTI, HW MKI GTI and MK5 Golf. Other VW Golf/Passat/Jetta models will be entertained. Or 9 bucks shipped (5 for the car, 4 to ship)

Bburago Lancia Aurelia Spyder  Bburago Lancia Aurelia Spyder 

I think my stance on budget models is pretty clear. So what am I doing with the Bburago Lancia? Well, it’s pretty. Very pretty. Budget models like Maisto and Bburago have their place and this is it in my opinion. This is a very pretty car that I’m happy to have in my collection but if this were a $150+ AutoArt, I’d be…

LaLD Podcast: The Threesome LaLD Podcast: The Threesome

Todays podcast is a return to the three amigos as we discuss Hot wheels paint issues, majorette paint issues, buying budget models and strategies for selling models. Dan also has a brief call with John O’Neil from The Model Car Hall of Fame.

1/43 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen  1/43 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen 

With my recent purchase of a real life VW Sportwagen I really wanted a model of it, behold Spark made a 1/43 and it is very nice. Details are accurate and the model itself it a higher trim than mine it as per the roofrack. Of course once I found this, I discovered that AutoArt made a 1/43 Mk5 Golf sportwagen…

The LaLD Podcast: JDM with JeDiMario  The LaLD Podcast: JDM with JeDiMario 

Our latest episode is on Shout Engine and iTunes and we talk to JediMario about his recent trip to Japan! The conversation is really fascinating. He brought home 41 diecast cars with him. We hear about getting an International Driver’s License, Japanese diecast shops, Kyosho Blindboxes, and the incredible Yodobashi…

For Sale: Tomica Town Building Sets For Sale: Tomica Town Building Sets

I have 2 building sets from Tomica that I bought back when I wanted a whole Tomica city. That was a few years ago and all I really want though are the cars and these buildings take up precious display space. Great for dioramas or kids though!

Suzuki Saturday Suzuki Saturday

For a serious post, here are two 1/18 Buicks. Chinese Market Buicks. I snagged the red Buick Excelle HRV for cheap under the impression that the paint was going to be extremely bad. I even live streamed the unboxing with hopes that this cars paint would be peeled completely off on the side of the box. But no, it’s a…

Stumped Saturday Stumped Saturday

Special for Sn210, here’s my 1/1 scale tree stump used for all of my picture takin’ I even get up close to some of the fungi growing on it. 

Catch A Cab Catch A Cab

Three posts in a week?! Another TLV?! I finally got around to getting another taxi, this time a very vintage Nissan Cedric!

Italian Car Thursday or something... Italian Car Thursday or something...

It has been a long day at work and I have 2 cars pre-photographed to share and so I’m sharing this TLV Lancia Delta Integrale because I can and it’s cool.

TLV Prince Skyline TLV Prince Skyline

Before Nissan. Before Datsun. Before Godzilla and the Hakosuka, there was this:

Going live in five Going live in five

Join me on instagram @ricer_cube as i unbox a chinese model with a “paint issue” in five minutes

New Cars Mean New Models... New Cars Mean New Models...

...and so I got a 1/43 scale Golf Sportwagen to match my 1:1. The sun was not working with me as it set so this’ll be the only pic till I get some more direct sunlight.

Recent Dealership Experience Recent Dealership Experience

Whenever I buy a car I like to make a little post about my time with whatever dealer I end up buying from, good experience or not. I don’t know if anyone actually wants/cares to read said experience but hey half the internet is useless Hot Wheels posts anyway, right?

1/18 Packard Henney Hearse  1/18 Packard Henney Hearse 

Enter Best of Show with their newest release, a 1952 Packard Hearse. BoS seems to be hit and miss with some models but this one is most certainly a hit. I guess someone was watching Greenlights recast hearses and decided they were popular enough to warrant a new model.

I Bought A Wagon... I Bought A Wagon...

A Volkswagen wagon. A 2017 Sportwagon with 10k miles, all dealer miles though. This is my first VW. Third station wagon. Ive missed having a long roof. I’m really impressed by it but I’m also very used to beaters and economy cars.

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