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A whine, please forgive me (or join in)

Being a medical mystery sucks.

Totally inane: haircut help (and maybe selfies?) Totally inane: haircut help (and maybe selfies?)

This is really dumb but I need some advice!

Inspired by booktart and...

... the fact that my house is a mess -

Well Heck

My car would cost more to fix than it is worth.

Does anybody else...

... crave alone time?

Five days

Hello all! This post has no point. Just feel like talking to friends.

Day of Incredible Change!

So of course, thank you thank you to everyone who read and responded to what I wrote last night. It was obviously a low point of fatigue concerning the ongoing sagas of my family. Your support meant a whole hell of a lot.

Coping With Unexpected Grief

Heavy stuff below. TW for mental illness, death of a family member.

Testing, Testing Testing, Testing

We’ll see if this goes through. I haven’t been able to post from my phone or my ipad, uh-oh. Not sure what’s going on there.

My view this morning My view this morning

This is the view from our balcony in Cairns. Beau and I are taking the scenic railway up to Kuranda in a bit. Coming home on Friday and looking forward to it, but I certainly can’t complain about all of the wonderful things we have been able to see and do.

Saturday Night Sober

Edit: I think from here on out I’m going to post this earlier, as I crashed around 10:00 last night! So I’ll be posting at 6:00 eastern. Also, I think this post should be open for GTers to discuss other concerns, such as mental illness, ED, whatever we are struggling with. If you are not sober, that’s totally fine!…

What would you do? A “fuck it” post!

After yet another crisis down south, I have decided to say, fuck it!

Well, if anyone wanted it - bro update (tw)

TW: domestic violence, mental illness, white supremacy bullshit

Mental Illness and Violence

Trigger warning: past domestic abuse, child abuse, disturbing mental health issues, mass shootings. Also, long ass post.

When your mental health goes splat

I’m having a challenging time, friends.

Growing Up: Feeling Blah

TW: death, alcoholism

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