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I hear that train a-comin’, rolling ‘round th- AIEEEEEEE!

Tuesday Evening Open Thread (Maybe)

I didn’t see one shhheduled, and we missed last night, so I thought I’d set this up in case Kinja is being Kinja or something. I hope all is well with Comrade Pie, who usually posts these (or whoever’s evening duties I might be usurping to-night).

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

Ever get the feeling you’ve just landed in the wrong place somehow? Ah well; best suppress the disaster all around you, or better yet - BLAURGH IT OUT RIGHT HERE! You never know who might be up there, somewhere, listening, ready to help. Or shout ‘help!’; one or the other.

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

So, who’s putting their best face forward and charging ahead happily into the week?

Watch: Tucker Carlson Refused to Air This Interview After His Obscene Meltdown

This sounds like ‘twould be an item of interest for some amongst us (if you haven’t heard about it yet).

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

Black Friday aside, what day of the year gets more complaint-dander up than Valentine’s Day? I’ll be lucky and have already endured it, living in the fuuuutuuuure as I do, but what about you? What pleasantries lurk on your Valentinian horizon? Complaints about life in general may, of course, also be filed here. Get it…

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

How’s yer week goin’?  Any swine ruining it for everyone with their boorish behaviour?  Fuss here about how your Year Of The Pig is going so far.

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

So, what’s been bedevilling you this week? Hellish cold up north, hellish heat down under (well, we’re back down to heckish heat; the two record-smashing heatwaves have finally passed), life and work and politics in general, the continued existence of Phil Collins, etc etc - been an infernal week for us all.

Yet Another Belated Blaurgh!Talk Yet Another Belated Blaurgh!Talk

Sorry, folks, it’s been intense at times over the past two weeks and my meagre memory is being used elsewhere a lot. Late again, but if’n you wanna squeeze a last-minute Blaurgh! in, be my guest ...

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

This has certainly been A Week for me, how about you? Just post your complaints, fussings, catastrophes and let them go ... allow them to simply float into the air, free from your concern ... and may the bastards causing them collide in a horrific mid-air pile of wreckage, making your life that much more enjoyable.

Blaurgh!Talk Blaurgh!Talk

Well, a week or so in and already 2019 is feeling like that episode of The Outer Limits when the zanti invade. No, I’m not sure what I meant by that either.

Blaurghy New Year! Blaurghy New Year!

So, how miserable has 2019 been for everyone so far? Hopefully, at a mere three days in, not so bad as to drive us all ... batty.

Another Belated Blaurgh!Talk Another Belated Blaurgh!Talk

Walp! I did it again. The holiday season has me all ‘what day is it’ and I’m turning into the forgetful uncle who realises on 29 December he never put that danged angel on top of the goldanged tree.

Blaurgh!Talk, Slightly Belated

Sorry, folks; it’s been A Week. Forgot to shhhhedule a fuss session at this, the most blaurghable time of the year.

Happy Pigmas Happy Pigmas

I awoke aghast to recall mrsgrinchfinch demanded, a week or so past now, a pic when I mentioned my wackodoc posed (after some no-I’m-not-that-crazy explaining) with Pigmon. And that I had several other Pigpics to post, so I’d best do them all in one spot so those who sigh and scroll past with a resigned ‘oh this shit…


Salutations, fellow Blaurghers!


So what fresh hells have swarmed around us all this week?


And yo, didst Jacob rassle with the angel.


Blaurgh! It already being Thursday morning here, I woke in a panic thinking I’d failed to shhhedule a Blaurgh!Talk and rushed to the computer to rectify it, only to recall I live in the FUUUUTUUUURE (on the ‘arse-end of the world’, as one of our few genuinely intelligent prime ministers once said) and for most folks…

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