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Anybody want a pass to the SVRA races at COTA tomorrow?

I’ve got an extra pass. I won’t be picking it up until about 10am though, but if anybody is in town and wants to go they can grab it from me after 10am.

off your rockers off your rockers

Finally had some time to adjust the valves on the SAAB. A couple valves were tight, and one intake valve was very loose (source of the noise I think). But otherwise in spec.

Five Pedals Five Pedals

One of them is the muffler pedal. I know what you’re thinking: instead of making cars autonomous, we should be making them even more complicated to control.

Help! Can Anybody Figure out What This Secret Car Is? Help! Can Anybody Figure out What This Secret Car Is?

The camo wrap was so effective, that even with this blurry photo I took, I STILL can’t figure out who could have made it!

Five Minutes of Highway 74 Five Minutes of Highway 74

Hood’s eye view of part of California’s scenic highway 74, headed west. I was surprised to see so much traffic headed east, very few cars were going my way (which was great). The funny thing about the video is it looks like a relaxing drive, but inside the car just maintaining the speed limit meant I had a lot of…

Back in Texas Back in Texas

Slept all day, and now going back to sleep. The SAAB still lives, although the valves sound very angry and will get attention tomorrow. Full trip report in a week or so.

San Francisco:

Noticeable scent of urine everywhere, and impossible to find working/unlocked restrooms. Coincidence? I think not.

Back from the Brewery Tour. Back from the Brewery Tour.

Yesterday, three friends and I took part in the North American Softroaders hill country brewery tour - in the SAAB of course. It was amazing fun.

pao on the street pao on the street

I haven’t seen one in about nine years, since a neighbor’s son rented one in Canada and drove it all the way down to Denver. I could get on with one.

This is what SAAB considered an A arm in 1969. This is what SAAB considered an A arm in 1969.

Aircraft engineers came up with that.

situation neutralized situation neutralized

brakes brakes brakes


seen on my way to work, a really big rick

stovin it up stovin it up

Got a chance to test the stove out with a new kettle. Still planning trip route.

Maybe the best album launched on 9/11/2001. 

born from jets born from jets

*lever shocks*

sweet dreams, mighty zombies sweet dreams, mighty zombies

and for you car zombies:

It was the condenser. 

Case closed. I guess it’s time for me to put in the electronic ignition kit I bought a while back.

Cast your votes now.

The SAAB decided it didn’t want to take me home tonight. Started fine when I went to work. Started fine when I went to lunch. Did not start when I needed to go home. Make your bets about what broke while literally nothing was happening to the car.

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