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situation neutralized situation neutralized

brakes brakes brakes


seen on my way to work, a really big rick

stovin it up stovin it up

Got a chance to test the stove out with a new kettle. Still planning trip route.

Maybe the best album launched on 9/11/2001. 

born from jets born from jets

*lever shocks*

sweet dreams, mighty zombies sweet dreams, mighty zombies

and for you car zombies:

It was the condenser. 

Case closed. I guess it’s time for me to put in the electronic ignition kit I bought a while back.

Cast your votes now.

The SAAB decided it didn’t want to take me home tonight. Started fine when I went to work. Started fine when I went to lunch. Did not start when I needed to go home. Make your bets about what broke while literally nothing was happening to the car.

Stuff to see in the Southwest.  Stuff to see in the Southwest. 

I’m going to go on a tour of the southwestern states this year for my birthday. Visiting old friends, seeing sites, getting away from Texas for a bit. I want suggestions for things to see, places to go.

I just spent 8.5 hours running a gas station in Austin. 

It was not fun. More people = more stupid, and a sort of critical mass is reached where the stupidity runs away in a chain reaction.

I'll tell you what

Driving on 155R80 tires through a tropical storm is something else. Wipers intermittently work when I honk the horn. Brake lights stop working when it rains. Oh the joys of SAAB ownership and Lucas electrical components. 

Camp Stove with Cult Following. Camp Stove with Cult Following.

TBH, at this point, I’m not surprised when I find anything that has a dedicated following, no matter how banal it might seem. But I do find it interesting when something has an international cult following. Like the Svea 123 camp stove.

Lada Flaps Lada Flaps

Lada Niva flaps for the SAAB. It was like $6 for the pair, and $15 to ship them from Ukraine. They’re a little narrower than the original SAAB ones, and probably not nearly as durable, but they look appropriate, and are the right length.

video shitposting video shitposting

Youtube will be taking down their video editor next month, I’ve never taken time to play with its filters or music library, so that’s what I’m going to do. In other news, my Lada Niva mudflaps arrived from Ukraine today.

SAAB Coaster SAAB Coaster

The rich people who live here have no idea why I like taking my shit car on their hilly road. It coasts... it’s more fun when there’s nobody around and you can let the thing crest hills at 5mph without motor assistance.

New FUEL FILTER (and another musing) New FUEL FILTER (and another musing)

I changed the fuel filter on the SAAAAAAAAB today. The old one was gross. Just look at this:

Suzuki Jimny Overlanding Suzuki Jimny Overlanding

Somehow found this channel while looking for info about an old oil lantern... seems to be about camping, but a few of the videos are also about driving a 2-stroke Suzuki Jimny. Which is always fun.

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