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A Test Post In 2nd Scroll A Test Post In 2nd Scroll

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Root 100 External Post Demo Root 100 External Post Demo

This is some copy that would appear. Use it as a call out to engage readers to clickthrough to the feature.

Midterm Election: Special Coverage Midterm Election: Special Coverage

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External post type added to editor options   External post type added to editor options  

It is now possible to create a post using an external url. This external post type can be distributed anywhere a standard or featured post appears (2nd slot, curation modules, stream, splice, etc) but when clicked will route to the external url instead of the permalink.

An External Post Test An External Post Test

This is an external post test.

Testing External Post Events Testing External Post Events

It is this post. This is this is one. The one to test. TestMan.

Movable Ad Slots Added To Featured Post Movable Ad Slots Added To Featured Post

It is now possible to relocate an ad slot and save that position in the featured post template. This movable ad tool provides the option to move ads that conflict with layout expectations (ie when floated elements expect text to flow around them but an ad is inserted breaking this flow):

Featured post ad insertion frequency adjusted to 7 nodes

As of today the featured post will render ads every 7 nodes in the post body. We are excluding <hr>s and headings (h1,h2,h3). This logic is shared between mobile and desktop and will be much easier to adjust over time.

This is an External Post This is an External Post

CTA here. This is a feature click to see more.

Testing this Testing this


Testing this Testing this

Hi some description here.

External Post For Root 100 External Post For Root 100

This is an example of an external post for an off platform feature. Some brief CTA copy would go here.

The Trump Documents The Trump Documents

This is an example of an external link post. Some descriptive copy can go here with perhaps a CTA. Looks like a post but clicks through to an off platform feature. Create a post preview using an external link to route traffic to off platform features. Allows us to build off-platform interactives (ala Trump Docs) while…

Featured Post Dist Test Featured Post Dist Test

A test post for the testing of dist tools.

Looping Video Added To Featured Header Options 

Starting today you can now upload a looping video as a featured media asset. This provides an opportunity to include supplemental media that enhances the landing experience of the featured header and subsequent post.

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