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The Constitution is in peril. National security is compromised. Because Spanky doesn't like being inconvenienced.

Politico reports that President Trump uses at least two mobile phones that lack the necessary security features to conceal his communications. The president “has rebuffed staff efforts to strengthen security around his phone use,” the article explains, and while President Obama swapped out his phone every month for…

‘The Cheddar Man’ sounds like a good name for Spanky, doesn’t it?

Hari Kondabolu's conversations with wite people

This is on Netflix. If you have relatives or coworkers who are Trump voters, you will love his snarky conversations with them. This got belly laughs from me and both snarky dottirs.

Misogyny and Misogynoir-Cultural Feminine Shock Collars

Thanks to Pie I found this great site with a terrific discussion on the nature of methods our culture uses to control women and girls.

New Rembrandt Painting Found

New worry: Will Spanky's desire for his igNobel cause him to give Kim everything his dictator's heart desires?

As for the upcoming summit with North Korea, with just four weeks to go, Trump’s position is alarmingly uncertain. The official line, until recently, was that Kim must agree to the “complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantlement” of his nuclear arsenal and infrastructure. However, in recent days, Secretary of State …

Steve Schmidt says it all about John McCain and Spanky Steve Schmidt says it all about John McCain and Spanky

I confess’ I never forgave McCain for the Village Idiot from Wasilla. AKA I can see Russia from my house. I never forgave him for a number of things, like voting with Spanky. But I never thought he was a grifter like the Mango Menace. I always assumed McCain believed in most of the things he voted for. He has mixed…

Seventeen lucky cat breeds of Thailand (and the six unlucky ones) Seventeen lucky cat breeds of Thailand (and the six unlucky ones)

I heard about the list of cats from Thailand from snarky middle daughter. I love cats , especially our house cats. They are as fierce a predator as any lion and yet they love to get scritches and to cuddle. I found this article on the number of cats that came from Thailand fascinating. I’d always assumed that cats…

I have good news and bad news....

First the good news:

Life imitating Art Life imitating Art

The artist John Holcroft is a well-known illustrator who creates brilliant satirical illustrations in a retro style reminiscent of adverts from the 1950’s.

Well, finally!

- Meanwhile, a new group calling itself Republicans for the Rule of Law paid to run a pro-Mueller commercial on “Fox & Friends” in the D.C. media market this morning. That’s the president’s favorite show. Conservative Never Trumper Bill Kristol is a founding director. Watch the 30-second spot here:

You have to see this devastating take on the misleading fraudulent crisi pregnancy centers. It’s funny and terrifying at the same time, like watching a chimpanzee with a loaded gun.

Valuable skills for retirement aged workers. Feathers & Finch's retirement training camp now taking reservations

Did you frivol away your youth gaining a college degree or useful job skills? Did your devotion to professionalism keep you working long hours and prevent you from developing alternative skills? Has your 40+ years in the workforce provided you with a secure retirement? No? Hell, no, of course not! The last forty years…

Surveys of young Americans have shown that 40% identifying as gang members are white, but police tend to undercount them at 10% to 14% and overcount black and Hispanic members, says Babe Howell, a criminal law professor at City University of New York who focuses on crime and race.

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