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Probably more than you wanted to know about Australia Probably more than you wanted to know about Australia

I admit I have a fascination with ancient peoples and how our ancestors first left our African nursery and set out to explore the world. The discoveries of the last few hundred years of ancient and sophisticated cultures that flourished, fell, and disappeared from history without a trace have left me less sanguine…

A little Aussie humor A little Aussie humor

Australian Tourism

Time to start shopping Time to start shopping

Just some ideas that occured to me as I pondered people who expected gifts this year. My family might be a trifle stodgy, taste wise, when it comes to buying presents.

Thanks for not raping us

My husband of 50 years did not have to stifle a laugh. He took it dead seriously. He did not defend his remark, he did not defend men. He sat, hunched and hurt, and he listened. For a moment, it occurred to me to be grateful that I’m married to a man who will listen to a woman. The winds calmed ever so slightly in…

What Does Art Meme to You? What Does Art Meme to You?

Classic Art Memes

Viral Kavanaugh cartoon

It's time to stop the train It's time to stop the train

So many of us either knew that girl or were that girl, which makes me consider that perhaps Kavanaugh is telling the truth when he professes not to recall these alleged incidents. In the rarefied milieu of elite prep schools and Ivy League colleges that nurtured him, jokes like these wouldn’t have been shocking or…

Autumnal Arts Autumnal Arts

I don’t like a lot of Gauguin’s work but this one is lovely. I love Klimt’s birch forest.

Please read this if you didn’t see Michael Moore on Chris Hayes last night. He seems to have great insight into Spanky that most of us don’t possess.

"I'm  Not Going to Break Bread with a Racist"

There’s hope for the human race yet.

Some(what) domesicated animals Some(what) domesicated animals

My Rosco qualifies as some what domesticated. He refuses to drink domestic wine and turns his nose up at Meow Mix. He sniffs when he sees the ad. “Miao”

The bum rush to the (soon to be) kangaroo court. The bum rush to the (soon to be) kangaroo court.

Speaking on CNN, Carrie Severino, one of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh’s defenders, said that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations (that Kavanaugh cornered her in a bedroom, forced himself on her, attempted to remove her clothes and covered her mouth when she attempted to scream) “cover a whole range of…

Are Russians blowing up Boston? Are Russians blowing up Boston?

I am sorry if I sound paranoid but the explosions in Lawrence and Andover started me thinking about the stories I read a few months ago about Russians tampering with control of our utilities. It’s just too close to the election . Mueller is closing in on Spanky. Please tell me I’m imagining this.

There are close to 13,000 kids in ICE custody being held in large camps in places along the US-Mexico border There are close to 13,000 kids in ICE custody being held in large camps in places along the US-Mexico border

Now we know why Spanky transferred almost $200 million into ICE’s budget from other agencies. Anyone who doesn’t vote a straight Democratic ticket this fall is either completely amoral or actively evil. The more I know about this administration and its underhanded tactics, the more I am shocked and ashamed of this…

I love Twisted Sifter. I thought since there wasn’t a theme this week that it would be fun to share some of our favorite websites and gifs.

Interesting artcle about organic nature of Spanky's broken wind-up-toy affect or Why I kept worrying and went to vote these nutjobs out

I’ve been wondering about this for a while. It has seemed at times that L’Orange was suffering from too much cocaine or other stimulant. The dry mouth and the racing, jumping thoughts seemed to point that way. I ‘ve also considered several types of dementia. I’m sure everyone else has their theories. He’s so entitled…

More pretty things More pretty things

I love these bear skin rugs. I made pot roast with potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and home made applesauce on the side. I made a lemon sponge last night and topped it with lemon curd, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream. I didn’t think lemon would go with chocolate until I tried a See’s lemon truffle with drk…

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