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Bring Spring Bring Spring

2019 sounds

The Barrel

it’s already dead

18 From 18 18 From 18

No, not a lost song from Wire, but my list of my favorite records from 2018. Across the genres, across the ages, all very Arpad.

2018 Comics Round-Up 2018 Comics Round-Up

Batman’s Bookcase asked me for comic book recommendations, and there aren’t ever enough characters to contain all my feelings. Here’s an attempt.

Impromptu Pictures Impromptu Pictures

My goal for 2018 was to read more manga and boy have I. Capsule reviews of classics, neo-classics, and ongoing titles I have enjoyed for the equally curious.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Melissa McCarthy stars in a movie about forgery and celebrity.

Comic Books 2017 Comic Books 2017

My favorite OGNs and TPBs that came out in 2017. Capsule reviews, art samples, good gifts, good grief.

Record Round Up - Winter 2017 Record Round Up - Winter 2017

5 variations on the rock band from the back half of this year. Capsule reviews and streaming links.

Five Alternatives To Ready Player One Five Alternatives To Ready Player One

Here are the deeper cuts, art that makes you think and feel as well as remember. If you don’t believe Bazinga! The Novel is for you, one (or more) of these five things just might be.

Apparition Apparition

a vision of you is following me all around

MonoNeon MonoNeon

The internet, bassicaly.

The Many Feels of Mother Panic The Many Feels of Mother Panic

Gotham City’s White Knight is one of many classic DC figures re-imagined under the Young Animal imprint. Violet Paige isn’t an alternate Batman, more of a rival, and her series is a showcase of different flavors.

Record Round Up - Spring 2017 Record Round Up - Spring 2017

Transcendent audiophile potpourri from a year shrouded in darkness. Four records worth the time. Art by Paola Escobar.

Stonemilker (Forest Swords Remix) Stonemilker (Forest Swords Remix)

Merseyside’s Matthew Barnes created a 45 minute version of the Björk track. Alien alchemist weather patterns that draw a map perfectly the both of them.

Choose Your Own Nova Seed Choose Your Own Nova Seed

In addition to finally receiving a streaming release date, the hand-drawn sci-fi epic is launching a chatbot game. March is the month of Nova Seed. Strap yourself in, it’s gonna get weird.

Record Round Up 2016 Record Round Up 2016

Contemporary torch singers. Video games. Hot guitars. Underground and mainstream. Pop stars and friends. A streaming mixtape and a best of list.

Ms. Marvel and Allies Ms. Marvel and Allies

Ms. Marvel and Friends came into being on the Observation Deck a little over a year ago. Sometimes uptight, mostly whimsical, a gag strip. But then our political system capsized in the night.

Record Round Up - Fall 2016 Record Round Up - Fall 2016

12 more albums from 2016. Music and videos to stream and capsule reviews to read. Angry women and textures and stand-up. Princess Nokia vs. White Tiger

NOVA SEED Resurfaces NOVA SEED Resurfaces

Nick DiLiberto’s film drops a second trailer before it tours North American film festivals. Last year, less than a minute of footage had us enthralled. Here’s about triple that.

Knowles Knowles

Beyoncé et Solange. Both address the now. How?

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