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Good night Good night

Petaluma Hotel, Petaluma, CA

Have a Celica

I have a lot of bullshit to deal with before I can head up to Petaluma. Shit.

Goodnight Goodnight

Washed and polished for my trip with Toby. The car has not been driven in a bit and it was filthy.  I still have to do the interior.

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Se likes the summer. 

Son of a bitch... Son of a bitch...

Garbage can too close, me in too much of a hurry

Sorry for the double post, but my tenant wanted to say hi Sorry for the double post, but my tenant wanted to say hi

Also, my algae problems are improving thanks to the all natural miracle of barley straw.

Maybe it Runs In the Family

Most of you know about the controversies that have surrounded me, and the press I have gotten. After all, I posted about it. Well, it appears that messy litigation and news coverage runs in the family.

I am home I am home

My pal missed me. And me him. My wife will be home late - her plane was delayed She took my younger son to Boston. He will be there all week at Berklee College of Music for songwriting camp. He was excited about the electronic music elective. Toby always looks away when the flash goes off. This was the best I could do.

See ya, Texas See ya, Texas

We have the day to kill here before we fly home. Orientation was good, and I am excited about the opportunity my son will have to study music at UNT.

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

George Kennedy was an underrated talent.

A thought on politics

Just something to consider.

Griffith Oddities

Ok, Florida, that's enough. Go to your room and think about this nonsense.

Miami Herald: An accused burglar threw his own feces at a Miami judge. Then, the jury acquitted him.

More details, and tears

The texts get me. These onions are a bitch. Stay away from the rivers.  I know it's hot, and they look soooo inviting.  What a waste.

Bad news Bad news

If you are near the Sierra, stay out of the rivers.  The snowmelt is making them deadly.

Texas, some things I like about you Texas, some things I like about you

1) “Y’all” - I won’t lie, it’s fucking adorable how you say it. You say it imbued with such warmth that I want to walk in and out of restaurants just to be greeted. In contrast, in California we have “dude,” which makes us sound stupid and we use a delivery that is either entirely valid or dripping with passive…

Headed to Texas today Headed to Texas today

A quick trip to the office, then my oldest and I catch a plane to Dallas, and a rental car (review to come) to Denton. After the first night, he stays in the dorm and goes to student orientation, while I stay at the hotel and attend parent orientation.  I will be purchasing much UNT swag, and a sticker for the Vespa.…

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