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It’s been a crazy month. My boyfriend’s family announced that they were coming to visit, which made us realize that our apartment doesn’t look like we’re adults in our 30s. We spent a few weeks redecorating and making upgrades with the furniture (like buying a dining table) and whatnot. It looks great now and we were…

Cannabutter Videos Cannabutter Videos

Rude Negro made a really great point and since I’m not too sure about anything outside of California state, here’s a new post.

$500 Billion Lawsuit Filed Against Named Colleges in Admissions Scandal

Yes, that is billion with a ‘b.’ Here is the story. I had originally wanted to write a big piece on it but that terrible New Zealand white terrorist attack took all my attention this weekend. I’m glad to see that New Zealand doesn’t fuck around with the lives and safety of their citizens and took zero time to implement…

UPDATE: Smollet Has Been Charged. Open Discussion about Jussie Smollett

There’s a lot of fuckery surrounding this and the trolls are out in force on The Root. Feel free to talk about everything here and pass it onto others.

Happy Black History Month!  Happy Black History Month! 

Are you into mystery genres? Check out these authors:

Happy Black History Month! 

Inspired by recent events, today’s black excellence is Robert Tanner Freeman, the first professionally black dentist.

Happy Black History Month! Happy Black History Month!

I love when writers read their own work and convey their own words in its true meaning. Lucille Clifton has a great poem titled,“won’t you come celebrate with me”

Happy Black History Month! 

I’m catching up on missed episodes of Top Chef and in the Charleston season, they have an Edna Lewis elimination challenge. I’ve heard her name before but was not aware of the heavy influence that she has done for southern cooking. Apparently it wasn’t taken all that seriously in the past but Lewis changed that.

Happy Black History Month!  Happy Black History Month! 

Check out YouTuber, Sosa. She recently started working in Silicon Valley as a software engineer. Sosa decided that documenting her journey would be a great “representation for girls, women, and poc who want to be engineers.”

Happy Black History Month Happy Black History Month

During the Superbowl, a commercial aired that showed a young black woman doing some workouts and training with a voiceover. Here’s the commercial:

Happy Black History Month! 

I found a list of short story collections by Black women:

Thanks for Contributing to the Music Post

I loved all the music everyone shared! I love discovering new music and y’all have good taste. I apologize for disappearing. Some asshole guest came into job and got everyone sick. For serious. This person must have been running a fever along with bathing in their own shit and decided that going into a public place…

Happy Black History Month! Happy Black History Month!

Hello Bowlers and Lurkers of The Salad Bowl!

45 is Turning on Fox and Coulter 45 is Turning on Fox and Coulter

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said that she’s hostile and that she’s made because he didn’t “return her call or something.”

I Demand a Music Post (Share Music Pretty Please) I Demand a Music Post (Share Music Pretty Please)

Last summer, I discovered Lorn while listening to Chillwave on Pandora (if you like “relaxed” EDM, check out this station.) He’s an electronic artist whose genre of music is often referred to as “intelligent dance music.” (Sidenote: did y’all know that was a genre? It sounds so elitist.)

Discussion: Toxicity and Black Parents

*This will not be limited to only black parents or the community. I’m black, my family is black, so these are my experiences. However, any person of color is free and welcome to join in. Discussion is encouraged.

Narcissism and Black Parents

I’ve been very open about my relationship with my mom, who I will now refer to as Tanya because she no longer has the privilege of being in my life and hasn’t been a mother to me in a very long time. I have also been very open that I needed and got into therapy and encourage anyone that has the means to do it (and if…

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