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Clownshoe Clownshoe

One of the more highly-coveted pieces from UT Models is the BMW M Coupe. Better known as the “Clownshoe” for its oddball shape, this car has all the makings of a future classic.

Gullwing by AMG Gullwing by AMG

This is not a joke. Repeat: this is not a joke.

Amore Omori! Amore Omori!

Ottomobile dangles a JDM treat in front of us every month. Last month, it was the Omori Factory “Grand Touring Car”, a restored R33 GT-R with a host of NISMO upgrades. A perfect companion to the “Clubman Race Spec” R34 GT-R that Otto released a couple years prior.

Audi R8 GT Audi R8 GT

The coolest R8. Even cooler in Suzuka Grey.

Honda Civic Type R (FD2), by Ottomobile Honda Civic Type R (FD2), by Ottomobile

Also known as: The Best Civic Ever. Ottomobile delivers the Civic that we’ve been asking for.

Concept Cars Concept Cars

The culprit behind my latest splurge was a slew of Easter sales over at American Excellence. I sifted through pages of discounted models and found a few BoS Models that piqued my interest, despite having next to no knowledge of concept cars. At half-off their original prices, though, these were too good to pass up.…

dek34 (Doug), where you at? dek34 (Doug), where you at?

Whose Skyline is this? It’s mines, of course!

A Year of Finds A Year of Finds

We’re ten days in and I’m still here posting about 2018 things. Nonetheless, I’d like to give some attention to some of the older models that I’ve been fortunate enough to snatch. Old is relative, because some of these are actually still in production/readily available today. I know there’s a few 1:18'ers here that…

Top 18 of '18, Part 2 Top 18 of '18, Part 2

I try to display as many of my cars as possible, but with the 1:18's eating up shelf space, the 1:64's end up being neglected. I buy them, open them, and stash them away in Jammer cases only to never be seen again. For once, I have the opportunity to give the small cars the shine that they deserve. Here are my top…

Top 18 of '18, Part 1 Top 18 of '18, Part 1

Another year of hoarding fake cars is in the books. It’s time to round them up and figure out which ones are the real keepers.

Breaking News: GT Spirit to put consumers in debt early 2019 Breaking News: GT Spirit to put consumers in debt early 2019

I usually don’t do posts like this, but I got so excited that I had to share these here. And since Scott’s title was so perfect, I had to copy that as well. To hell with original content.

Mitsubishi Monday Mitsubishi Monday

Porsche 944 Mitsubishi Starion, by LS Collectibles.

Dodge Viper ACR, by GT Spirit  Dodge Viper ACR, by GT Spirit 

There was a little discussion on this model a while back. I don’t think anyone else has bit the bullet on this piece, so I volunteered to be the guinea pig.

Good-Looking Bullitt Mustang, by AUTOart Good-Looking Bullitt Mustang, by AUTOart

Out with the old, in with the new.

Rennsport Reunion, Day 8 Rennsport Reunion, Day 8

I saved the best one for last. My pride and joy. The Maisto 911 GT3 RS 4.0.

Rennsport Reunion, Day 7 Rennsport Reunion, Day 7

With so much focus on collecting all the 911 variants, I keep forgetting I even have this model. That’s not fair at all because this GT4 is actually good. Like, really good.

Rennsport Reunion, Day 6 Rennsport Reunion, Day 6

See the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.

Rennsport Reunion, Day 5 Rennsport Reunion, Day 5

It’s that time of week when everyone gets lazy, slacks off, and procrastinates. Which includes me. I know it’s late, but may I entice you with this yellow RS?

Rennsport Reunion, Day 4: R-Rated Rennsport Reunion, Day 4: R-Rated

A few of the mods brought to my attention that LaLD stands for ‘Live and Let Diecast’, not ‘Live and Let Dairy products’. My bad. I’ve been posting the wrong things all along. This 911 R should be alright, right?

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