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Morning tunes Morning tunes

Seeing these guys this Saturday.

It's like Christmas It's like Christmas

Got some goodies in the mail, courtesy of Shop-teacher and the late Rally Metro.

Careerlopnik Careerlopnik

Just accepted an offer for the position I interviewed for. I will be earning 50% more than what I currently make with a 4 day weekend. Life is good, post 2 door SUVs

Silly Ferrari Silly Ferrari

There’s already a P80 that wears a yellow badge.

Is this what getting old is like? Is this what getting old is like?

I have a job interview tomorrow. I currently work a regular 9-5, but the shift for this job would be 3 12 hr shifts fri-sun. At this point in my life it sounds like a fantastic deal. Get all my hours in, in the space of 3 days, then 4 days off where I can actually get shit done when everyone else is open and no…

RIP Dick Dale RIP Dick Dale

Passed on at the ripe old age of 81

Punkositelock Punkositelock

For no specific reason, this has been my earworm for days now. So far, I don't mind.

Amigoooooooooo Amigoooooooooo

I fuckin’ love these things. They almost never come up around here. It’s like a mini Bronco!

Today's unsolicited opinion Today's unsolicited opinion

Ford made a poor choice on the font for the Fiesta badge, as it looks like Fiesto from any distance greater than 5'

60,000 Alfas recalled because they won't stop

Have they checked the floor mats?

Today is Thursday  Today is Thursday 

Remember Prisma? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Doglopnik Doglopnik

Kind of hard to tell, but he is losing his shit over that cat which just stares at him.

It's been a minute since I've put anything here It's been a minute since I've put anything here

I found this supper bettle at a gas station in the mountains about a month ago.

Ooh look, a fire truck! Ooh look, a fire truck!

At my house, a year ago today. Time flies when you’re replacing nearly everything you own.

Year in review Year in review

Been a crazy year. Had a house fire. Bought an engine. Bought a car, for less than I spent on the engine.

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