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Update: wiring figured out. Thanks for the help!  Update: wiring figured out. Thanks for the help! 

Face plate is in! Such a pain getting it fitted properly. It’s not held in the dash yet, still not quite sure how I’m going to mount the head unit permanently... but I’m loving the A E S T H E T I C S already. Who else is working on projects today?

Help Help

Wiring noob. I’m trying to power my stereo, and could use a more experienced eye so I don’t screw anything up. Check my work?

The Best Stereo System in the World* The Best Stereo System in the World*

A brief write-up on combining my Retrosound head unit with my Miata roadster, using various time-honored methods ranging from heartfelt prayer and vigorous cursing, to potara earings and the fusion dance. Bonus adorable kittens within.

Valentine's Day 2018 Valentine's Day 2018

Insert shitposts here!

DSLR upgrade question  DSLR upgrade question 

After four years of window washing, I’m celebrating the sale of my business with a new camera. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want, but could use some advice on a few issues. Random images from my camera roll and the internet for your time

*checks pricing on RF's* *checks pricing on RF's*

*checks bank account* :(

Any old school RPG fans?  Any old school RPG fans? 

I’ve got a lot of time to kill over the next six weeks, and I need to save money. So.... Downloading a GBA and Nintendo DS emulator to play through all my favorite RPG’s from roughly the NES Era to PS1-PS2. What games am I missing..?


Manual, V8, rwd, luxury track machine. That’s a lot of checked boxes.

Homeowner tip Homeowner tip

If you hire someone to do work for you, try to check beforehand that you actually need that work done.

Altered Carbon  Altered Carbon 

Have you seen it? Non-spoiler review

Sold my business, AMA

Effective May 1st, I am no longer a window washer. On to bigger and better things!

From glossy black to plastidip white From glossy black to plastidip white

Wheel color change! I originally bought this in black to see if I liked it... Nope. Black wheels aren’t for me. But it’s a ten pound 15x8 with a clean design so I figured I’d put an old summer tire on and keep it as a backup.

Gold Gold

A+ trolling, Elon. I fully support messing with customs agencies.

After watching Doug's review  After watching Doug's review 

I realized I’ll never be able to look at the new Navigator without feeling deep disgust. And I feel bad about that, because it seems like a great SUV. But Lincoln made one particular design choice that is worse than “floating” pillars, worse than angry headlights, worse even than fake vents.... And now I’m cursed to…

Seeing as I never use it...  Seeing as I never use it... 

I decided to “update” my neochrome wheel. Some metallic sparkle vinyl wrap plus black sharpie. Better? Worse? (edit) did the center cap. Added red stripes to match ze stitching

Seattle area Cars & Coffee Seattle area Cars & Coffee

Tomorrow, 10:30am-12:30pm at 425 motorsports. Anyone interested? It’s in Bellevue, there’s tons of parking and traffic should be minimal. Looks like we may have a few hours without rain, too!

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