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What a total fucking waste of time.

Interviewers that lied to my face and wasted my time, followed by constant fucking disrespect from idiots who break all the shit, document nothing, then act like I’m an idiot for not being a fucking mindreader when they leave 38 files laying around, none of which are consistent, and only one of which MIGHT work. Then…

Welp, that was a ton of wasted effort.

Once again, fucked over by things outside of my control. Why should hard work ever be rewarded?

Now taking bets... Now taking bets...

... on whether I have a job or not tomorrow. Ha ha.

Some Pictures of Things Some Pictures of Things

See? I wasn’t the only Porsche there.

Off to Cars and Coffee...

... so I really fucking hope they have coffee. Because it’s fucking 7:15am and I normally get up at 11:00AM. (I work PST right now.)

Oppos, please tell me why this is a bad thing.

And don’t say rust alone. Obviously I wouldn’t buy without checking for frame rot with a fine toothed comb. What I mean is: I am not a Ford guy. Why would an ‘08 F150 be so goddamn cheap and how much is going to be completely fucked on one of these in general?

Jalopnik Bump for Racing, Oppo Bump for Life Jalopnik Bump for Racing, Oppo Bump for Life

But first, some music. You are advised to grab headphones and crank it up.

Send me your charms, Oppos...

So, as some of you (okay ALL OF YOU) are aware (BECAUSE I SCREAM ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME) I have absolutely and completely had it with my current job. In so, so, so, so many ways.

... bit of a longshot, but, anyone wanna navigate?

My planned ringer fell through. (Which I do not feel too bad about, honestly.) So I find myself in need of a navigator for a fun run with trivia. (TSD-style.) Yes, it’s Porsche oriented. Any of you Oppos want to aid the directionally challenged? Fun run rally experience is a plus but not required! 

I bought a (new) proper (digital) camera!

So no more shitty phone pictures!

At what point do we just admit BaT has jumped the shark? At what point do we just admit BaT has jumped the shark?

Is it when they sell rare Ferrari crate engines for $40k? Nah - not like you can get an F40 engine for $40k. When they sell extremely rare cars that don’t run for a few grand? That’s the whole point of the site.

You think your shopping list is expensive?

Here is Onyxia’s 2019 season shopping list, aka all the things I need to buy over the winter and install:

"Buy a 997.2!" Tom said, "it's awesome!"

And it is. It is also expensive.

Pray for me, Oppo.

... I’m about to leave for the Porsche dealer for my 60k service.

Seriously, Seacrate? Fucking seriously? Seriously, Seacrate? Fucking seriously?

The shitty BackupPlus Hub is shaking the whole desk as it crashes the head over and over. And the copy just failed.

Seriously, WHY the FUCK do I STILL WORK HERE?! Seriously, WHY the FUCK do I STILL WORK HERE?!

Not even back a day, and my blood pressure and heart rate from work bullshit is so high, I should really fucking be in the ER.

Boy, I wish I was enjoying my car...

Instead, I’m dealing with the incompetents at Samsung because one of the SSDs in my workstation died. Which one? Of course it was theirs. The one that’s only 3 or 4 years old. The SSD that’s still working? The 6 year old (!!!) Mushkin with about, oh, 30TB written? Something like that.

Dear Oppos...

I love you all.

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