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Your Weekend Will Not Be As Awesome as Mine

IMSA - Hospitality MAY 04 2018 at TBA Mid-Ohio Price Type Price Level Qty Price Fee Cost ————————————- —————- —- ———— ————- ————— WEEKEND W/ HOSPITALITY GA W/ 1 400.00 400.00 HOSPITALITY

An Engineering Perspective on the Stinger/G80/G70

Yesterday I took a trip up to the Cleveland Auto Show, which afforded me the opportunity to thoroughly examine both the Stinger GT 3.3 and G80 3.3. Now, remember that these cars are supposed to be essentially identical (and the G70 is supposed to be more of the same.) I also got behind the wheel.

The Glorious 80's in my avatar...

... is a 1986 Dodge Daytona TurboZ C/S in Gunmetal Blue Pearl Coat. With a suspension to die from. Not for - from. It is so stiff, it will literally break your neck. This is as God (Carroll Shelby) intended. All statements to the contrary will be punished extremely severely - you will be given a TC with the 6G72. No,…