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Whose history is this anyway?

There's a really wonderful interview with Ursula K. Le Guin over at Den of Geek!

Never Cross Words Never Cross Words

Years ago, mostly as a tribute to the works of Terry Pratchett, and somewhat because I was on a very long car trip, I drafted a crossword puzzle in the Traditional Morkporkian Asymmetrical Style. (Which I just made up. I'm not exactly a crossword pro here.) For various reasons including my own late father's love of…

Anyone in the market for an evil lair? Anyone in the market for an evil lair?

1860's Island Fortress For Sale.

Well, that was ill-advised. Well, that was ill-advised.

I can't help thinking Ms. Shepherd should've listened to her friend. So, she starts from the erroneous premise that publishing is a zero-sum game, singles out a female author mean girl style, hits on some literary anti-YA snobbery... is she playing troll bingo?