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Lame Lame

Besides some obligatory stuff for the wall everything’s been relatively dry. S’why I haven’t said much lately. But here,s a 1960's style F1 Lego car for your time, that you already saw on instagram if you follow me there.

Now road legal Now road legal

Got an R32 to let free today, got right to comparing it to the last casting. Honestly hard to since the old version isn’t even the same kind of car. Still. Nice to have both.

Questions  Questions 

1: Since this is just orbiting earth and not actually around the sun on its own path is it really the first car to orbit the sun? Seems like so has every other car ever made.

2016 wasn't THAT bad (also custom help) 2016 wasn't THAT bad (also custom help)

SO first of all, got the 787B as well and the wing was bent. The lack of quality control is astounding.

Finally, some modern-looking RRs Finally, some modern-looking RRs

And annoyingly the Lambo still has those boomer-tastic wheels like the P1 in Cars and Donuts.

I just wanna show this I just wanna show this

Its a bigass robot with two flamethrowers for hands made out of Lego. Don’t need to say much else.

I need a new board I need a new board

The board this is on is falling apart from how many times I’ve stuck tacs in the same places. Good thing my neighbor’s a carpenter and likes me. Just gotta figure out if they sell corkboard in custom sizes. Also, this wall has so many rare.expesive castings that I either found or were traded to me. It’s absurd how…

Custom F1/P1: AKA; You're amazing, LALD Custom F1/P1: AKA; You're amazing, LALD

I don’t know how long ago I got this going, but it’s finally here. The F1's the headliner here, but I got that P1 to match. Basically, after spending way too much time being frustrated with Mattel for not producing a Mclaren anything in Papaya orange, I took matters into my own hands and enlisted the help of cars4marc…

Mobius 1 Mobius 1

It’s rare that I like an original casting from Hot Wheels. ANd it’s virtually nonexistant for me to even so much as respect the idea of a flying car. Oh, you mean you wanna give the idiots I share a highway with ANOTHER axis of movement? Good idea. Airuption here, though. I’ll give it a pass. Mainly because the…

Reminder Reminder

This kicks off tomorrow, and alot of intel with it. Keep your eyes peeled. ANything you’re hoping for. Long shot, but it’d be awesome if Mattel could do an Agera RS.

Any Galaxy S7 owners here? Any Galaxy S7 owners here?

I’m finally in a position where I can get myself a phone with some actual horsepower (more so than my $50 LG, anyway), and I’ve been eyeballing these since they come in just below the $300 I’ve limited myself to. If you have one, or hell, anything Samsung, how’s it been for you?

Found this yesterday Found this yesterday

Local vintage shop. Last time they had a 930 in....less than stellar condition. Still wanted it.

No context No context

Critters getting up in things is just hilarious.

Gran Turismo series is now at Krogers Gran Turismo series is now at Krogers

Found nearly every one in the series I was missing, except the R34. Because of course it was the damned R34, even with WAY more of these on the racks than what Gamestop had. Mattel’s distribution is garbage as always. Anywho I wouldn’t be surprised if these are at places like Walgreens or other lesser-known spots…

Been having good luck lately Been having good luck lately

Ever since the craptacular Hotwheels event at Target I’ve found 5 (with 1-2 more inbound) $THs. This is the latest, and it was one I was hunting for, too.

No deal No deal

Some of the things that slip through the Kinjaspace. Those don’t look comfortable at all.

Rennsport Reunion: Oh crap, we're having a Porsche day? Rennsport Reunion: Oh crap, we're having a Porsche day?

As someone who once scoffed at the 911 but now bows to the alter of the squished Beetle, why wasn’t I told about this?

You should do this more often, Wal-Mart

THe best thing about finding $THs is that moment of hesitation before you know what it is. You see a bunch of the mainline counterparts as you’re hunting, you then spot the $TH, have a brief moment of “waitaminute...” before flipping out. That happened to me twice in a span of like 30 seconds today.

1/18 2017 Ford GT by Maisto 1/18 2017 Ford GT by Maisto

So I prefer Hot wheels/Matchbox when it comes to my diecast tomfoolery. Nothing against other brands or scales, it’s just convenient price and space-saving wise. The amount of 1/18s I have can be counted on my fingers, and the ones I’ve personally grabbed for myself the fingers I’d count with would be on one hand. The…

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