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What happens when you mix Lego and Photoshop? What happens when you mix Lego and Photoshop?

If you’re moderately-competent at both, the stuff you were imagining as a kid comes to life.

Bugatti returns Bugatti returns

Haven’t seen this hit the usual outlets yet but those prototype photos look legit and I doubt this guy’s lying for views or anything. Either way for the first time in more or less a decade, Bugatti will return to Hot Wheels with the Chiron. Never was a big Bugatti guy and the Chiron was kinda disappointing being a…

I visited Madagascar I visited Madagascar

If you live on Madagscar, your homeland looks awesome and all, but what the hell were you smoking when you named these towns? Reminds me of this shit.

I was looking for concepts of the 747 Trijet I was looking for concepts of the 747 Trijet

It’s like a 767 with a back tumor.

Best of 2018, huh? Best of 2018, huh?

Sure, fine. Here’s my top 5.

Hey Oppo Hey Oppo

I got a “challenge” for ya.

90's 911 time 90's 911 time

Gonna be nice to have something to go with the GT2 version of this.

Reddit HWEP Reddit HWEP

Finally got rid of that extra 620 $uper for this. Since I found the 620 the old fashioned way, I say I got this Audi “legit”. Anyway, finally got into that whole “reddit” thing and subbed to the Hotwheels subrettit. And now we’re here. I kinda cinsidered telling them about this place, but I don’t think I wanna bring…

Actual DOTS Actual DOTS

I’ve only seen a Skyline one time before around here, and it was a predictable (but awesome) R32 GTR. So this is a special kind of cool, especially around here.


Saw this a week ago in my shitheap town. Did these sell well? Am I seeing something special here?

Cleaned under/replaced my bed today Cleaned under/replaced my bed today

Found this guy. Does this count as a haul?

best toy 2k18 best toy 2k18

So I haven’t been very active around here lately because simply put, things have been kinda barren around here. The new cases come in, sure, but they haven’t had much to write home about. Until today. Matchbox’s Rally 911 is here and it’s awesome. I’ve been waiting for this since we knew of its existence. Honestly the…

FH4 Question FH4 Question

So can I get the car pass through the Xbox Game pass or do I have to get it separately? I have a free trial for Xbox Game whatever and I want the crimson thingamajig you see up here but I don’t really wanna pay $2.50 for it.

Not even close Not even close

If you’re morbidly curious like I was:

It's probably bias... It's probably bias...

Because 1: while I love a big mean V8 like anyone else I cannot WAIT for electric to become the standard and 2: These guys are a stone’s throw away from me, but I really hope these guys are as valid as they look and become successful like Tesla *sorta* is. What they’re putting down sure looks impressive and I’m…

D case indound D case indound

“D Case”.... /Beavis & Butthead laugh

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