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Heads up, I guess? Heads up, I guess?

Cocaine edition Mclarens to grab your attention.

Good lord Good lord

I’m not a Bugatti guy. But man is the Chiron casting easy on the eyes.

Anyone here ever drive the Alaskan highway? Anyone here ever drive the Alaskan highway?

If so, how was it? Dangerous? Do you need a big, tough 4x4 of sorts to handle the terrain? Or is it just a normal road you can take whatever on (besides during the winter, obviously).

aw snap aw snap

screencapped because I can’t computer and don’t know how to steal pics from the ‘gramz. Anyway, have we talked about this already or is this breaking news? Either way, I actually kinda hope the Silver stays. Normally I’d want a Lambo in some crazy color, but it looks good in colorblind beige. 

Upstate $uper Upstate $uper

My *heavily* pregnant sister who lives upstate asked me to visit for the last couple days. Her husband was gonna be down state in the meantime and understandably didn’t want her alone for the 4 days I spent there. When she was at work, I’d visit the stores. This trip was worth it. 

Help a brother out? Help a brother out?

Fat chance, but I’m running out of options here.

YEEEEES (Breaking News) YEEEEES (Breaking News)

What you’re looking at it’s a Baha Chrysler Pacifica from HW coming soon. Filed under “sh*t I didn’t know I needed until it was right in front of me”

I replayed Arkham Knight I replayed Arkham Knight

I hope the Batmobile’s got a helluva good 5-point harness because goddamn a head-on collision with that wheel would make Bruce look like Harvey Dent. If it just doesn’t outright kill him.

Huh. Neat. Huh. Neat.

So I trying to get a trade going on reddit (Gran Turismo R34, getting that mess outta the way) which meant I had to get my pile out again. Saw this P1 and noticed something neat.

I am 110% okay with this

I hope to god that’s a Lambo V12 in there. Just go full Forza Horizon up in here.

Worth a try Worth a try

Wish me luck. I’ll probably need it.

Accurate Accurate

Decided to just paint the wing black, like the real thing. No idea why Mattel didn’t in the first place. The interior plastic is black. They’re just wasting more resources making the wing another color.

'nother one bites the dust

Gotta be north of 1,000 by now. This is one the best ones in a bit only because it has 2 of my most sought-after $THs. Seriously, I wish I could find another Avant to let loose. I also wish I has some extra cash to get rid of this old, eviscerated board and make a new one.

The Choice is yours The Choice is yours

So besides the other I’m keeping on it’s card, this is the only Gulf F1 GTR I’ll likely ever find to let loose, and I’ve been thinking. It’s really annoying that whenever Mattel busts out the version of this casting with the plastic spoiler, they make it math the body color instead of making it the proper black. I…

Huh. Cool. Huh. Cool.

Apparently Hot Wheels themselves agrees with me about what they should do with their Mclaren F1 casting. 

One Billion Dollars One Billion Dollars

*if they were the 1:1 articles*

Not so elusive now Not so elusive now

Took a trip upstate today to see the new Dragon Ball movie with my brother-in-law because I’m still 7. Before heading home I hit up the local target and luckily they had Gulf stuff. I only snagged 2 F1s because it’s all I could afford at the time and it’s the one from the series I prioritized the most. Now when I see…

What happens when you mix Lego and Photoshop? What happens when you mix Lego and Photoshop?

If you’re moderately-competent at both, the stuff you were imagining as a kid comes to life.

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