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One last "feature" of the AUTOart F1 LM One last "feature" of the AUTOart F1 LM

So y’know how actually everything has “Made in China” labeled somewhere on it? AUTOart’s Mclaren F1 LM (and presumably every other one of their products) do that a bit differently. Instead of being “made” like some lowly Jada Toys product or something, they’re “Crafted” in china. Like the $300 paperweights they are. I…

Car Culture Silvia CSP311 Car Culture Silvia CSP311

Don’t see this around here so I’ll break it. A Generation of the Silvia I’m not familiar with will head to Car Culture in 2020, and the folks at Lamley got a preview. If I had to take a guess, this is our first glimpse at Japan Historics 3.

Car buying for dummies Car buying for dummies

I’m making the first steps to finally moving out on my own. The only thing tethering me to my parent’s home is the car I drive, which is in their name. SO I need to buy my own car and I’m pretty sure I found one. It’s a used Focus for just under $10k. I wanna do monthly payments on it, obviously. I have never, NEVER…



Double the trouble Double the trouble

After I hunted down the silhouettes these are the most recent purchases I’ve made. That’s like 3-4 weeks and only 2 cars. It’s been another famine here, which sucks because I think I’ll miss the Tesla Model 3. I’m not too interested in it, just want it to check off that box, y’know? Ah well.

I'll likely never move out of my parents house 'cause I waste money on dumb shit I don't need. I'll likely never move out of my parents house 'cause I waste money on dumb shit I don't need.

But whatever, dumb shit makes me happy. And it also makes surprisingly good cellphone pics.

I haven't even been here a month yet I haven't even been here a month yet

I have a job loading car parts into trucks. As the title says, I haven’t been there long. And already some shit went down. The floor manager or whatever the hell his title was got walked off the warehouse yesterday during my shift, apparently for sexual harassment. I was just talking to him last week too about MOPAR…

Found you Found you

Had to travel 2 towns over after work (that I work 2nd shift at, so at midnight) to find the rest of the silhouette series, but I found them nonetheless. And some extras to tear open.

22B Inbound 22B Inbound

So this got shown off a few days ago, and while I was pumped because hot damn the closest thing to a supercar from Subrau is coming to HW, I didn’t think much to sound the alarm because I was *mostly* sure it was already shown off at the convention in Chicago last month. Then I progressively got less and less sure…

Made a website for my comics, finally. Made a website for my comics, finally.

It’s still very much a WIP if the index below wasn’t a big hinter at that, so be gentle. Squarespace ain’t as simple as they say it is.

Enjoy your new home Enjoy your new home

On the highest, most dangerous shelf...

AUTOart Mclaren F1 LM AUTOart Mclaren F1 LM

So I was gonna wait to post this when the display case arrived so I could take these pics and immediately throw it in there, but according the tracking that won’t arrive until next week and I ain’t waiting that long to rub this in your faces share my new pride and joy with you, so here we are.

I'm sorry I'm sorry

Normally I wouldn’t even think of jerking you guys around like this, but the thing is in my infinite wisdom I bought the F1 LM and the display case at separate times. Which means they’re arriving at separate times. In this pic here I only briefly let it loose to *mostly* give it a one-over for any scratches,…


My AUTOart F1 LM is currently in Hazelwood, MO (St. Louis, basically) and en route. I’ve watched enough USPS trackers to know that this means the LM is a hop and a skip away from being in my hands, basically by tomorrow or the day after. Just wish I ordered that display case on the same day. The wait is real.

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