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Lies Lies

It's as agile as I am martian. 


There’s no way this thing has a real V10 inside it. Trying to snag some jalops with false V10 promises...SHAME ON YOU.

Today, In Front Page Wisdom Today, In Front Page Wisdom

This tube-chassis kit car you must put together yourself using huge pieces of a different already made car the kit car company did not make and will not provide for you is evidence that any car company can build a road legal and regulation compliant Porsche 718 competitor and sell it to us for a fraction of the cost…

Sup. Sup.

Heard you talkin’ shit. You got a problem with deer? You a deerist? Don’t think you can’t catch no hands just because we’re all hooves. We don’t need to go home. We can settle this beef right here, homie.

Disaster  Disaster 

Late last month on Memorial Day, I bent down into my mini-fridge and felt a sharp pain in my left leg. Another sharp pain appeared in my right leg. Moments later, I couldn’t stand up anymore.


Got nothing useful to say. Goddammit.

It Will Die It Will Die

Sedans are being eliminated. Sports cars are next. If it ain’t an AWD blob tank, it’s irrelevant. Its so bad, the Camry has to pretend to be a sports car to remain relevant.

Searched for Rolls Pics and Found...This... Searched for Rolls Pics and Found...This...

I don’t get to unsee this, so you don’t either.

S Class Venator  S Class Venator 

$465,000,000. NPoCP?

Hmm...  Hmm... 

Looks like Earth is tired of our shit and plans to freeze us to death tonight. It’s been real, guys.

X5//M Sport sDrive i35 X5//M Sport sDrive i35

I have two questions. 1) Why is that guy who wrote the DaVinci code naming BMWs now? 2) The one I saw today (not this one) had vibrating exhaust. Not in a “grr I’m an aggressive fast car!” way. More in an ‘uhh oh, I’m about to fall off’ way. It was jalopy level vibration and the thing looked like new. So,…

Infiniti Wars Infiniti Wars

spoilers inside.

Hmm... Hmm...

This may be a bad omen.

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