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What's the Worst Job You've Ever Had and Why? The Best?

Worst: The small contractor who was racist, sexist, classist, an asshole and a cheap bastard, to boot. I’m 100% certain he contributed to his assistant’s deadly stroke.

Shrill: Who's Watching & What Are Your Thoughts

Got into Shrill last night and had to stop myself after ep 5 b/c it was midnight. There are only 6 episodes so I’ll have something to look forward to while I slowly die of boredom during my son’s Cub Scout meeting tonight.

Complaint Ahead...

I realize that without them, Jezebel might not stay afloat but GODDAMN! Every other post is a “Kinja Deal” or “sponsored post”. So much visual clutter and scrolling.

Baltimore Area Readers:Jacquelyn Smith Murder by "Panhandler" Was Cover for Husband and Stepdaughter

For those not familiar, this was last December and the story was that Jacquelyn went to hand money to a woman when some guy/accomplice came out of nowhere and stabbed her to death in her car. I’m sure you can imagine how that affected the local homeless population, not to mention the resources the BPD put into finding…

Newsflash: I'm Old. You Might Be Old, Too. Not Sure? Read This.

I’m going to be 40 this year but nothing has made me feel my age quite like this:

Breaking News: "Coral" From The Walking Dead Got a Haircut

I clicked on the post b/c I recognized the name but not the face.

"Ask A Manager" Update: The Hellmouth is Still Open

Remember the LW whose job was situated over the Hellmouth? Like every day is a new apocalypse?

This AAM Update Is So Good, It'll Make Your Day Better

The world is full of shitty people and things and I love reading about those from the safe distance of advice columns, including Ask A Manager. Allison Green is not only great with her advice, she often posts updates.

Whine About My Spouse (Updated) Whine About My Spouse (Updated)

I have delivered two children. One c-section, one vbac (during which I tore, including ~inside~).

I Just Got Six Seven Robocalls in a Row

One per minute. I never answer them but I also don’t usually get more than 1-3 in a day. Six in a row now has me concerned that this will be my life.

I Forgot It Was My Anniversary... VOTE!

So focused on breathing in and out of a paper bag between now and the polls closing that I didn’t remember it was my anniversary until my friend (yes, she has Rain Man levels of retention for dates) texted me.

Creepy Stuff to Watch & Request for Recommendations

As is my annual tradition, I spend from ~09/15 through Thanskgiving watching as much horror/creepiness as I can stream for free. I’m open to recommendations (note: I’m personally not into “Hostel” levels of gore, prefer true crime and ghost stuff). Assume I’ve seen most of the big name stuff like The Exorcist and The…

AAM: Dayum. Uh. Thoughts and Prayers?

I’ve got some awkward work stories but either this job really is situated on a hellmouth or they need to get some cameras in to record a for real “The Office” because it’s A LOT.

Ask A Manager: The Boss is Banging the Intern, Isn't He?

Either he’s paying his mistress or this is the best 2-day-a-week “unpaid” internship on the planet.

Random Work Stuff

- Colleague is back (background available here, here, here and here) Haven’t talked to her yet. I hope she’s well. I also can’t wait to give her work load back. Miiiiiiight be a while on that, though.

Can We Talk About Dirty John?

I just recently binged the podcast (which was fantastic) and now Bravo has dropped the trailer for their limited series:

A Deep Dark Confession... (/s, obv)

So... someone that I am kind of close to (A) is dating someone (B). By all accounts and first-hand interactions, B is a legit super nice, wonderful human being. Like, in every way, B is good people.

My Work Situation: A Mini Update

The colleague, she is still out on “leave”. No return date yet. No official comment on “why”, which puts it squarely in the realm of “HR” so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

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